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Very often treasure hunters, checking every signal of a metal detector, dream to find old coins. But, unfortunately, again comes across another iron. This disappointment was felt at least once in the life of anyone who was looking for treasure. Instead of a useful find to find a rusty piece of scrap metal - it can hardly be called luck.

On the forums of "diggers" often write messages that find pots of coins. Man believes and digs again and again, hoping instead of a piece of iron to find a real treasure. But the next search fails. What to do and where to put the metal, which you dug instead of old coins? You can bury it, leave it to lie or try to convey to the abandoned car. The last option can be called the most reasonable, because so you can recoup the costs associated with your hobby (spending on gasoline, buying a new metal detector, etc.).

Metal or coins: what is more profitable to look for?

Metal search is an energy-intensive business, and the result often depends on the luck of the person who is looking.

Not everyone wants to carry to the car a piece of iron, which he dug in the place of the supposed location of coins. In order not to waste extra energy, you can leave all your finds until the end of the "digging work", then walk on them and pick up in the car. Collected scrap metal can be taken to the reception point to at least make a little money on the finds.

Digging a worm can be more profitable than looking for coins. The cost of the money found may be small, as not all of them are saved well. Many diggers know that it is very difficult to find coins belonging to the VF quality group. More often come across "kakalik" as well as coins of quality F. By the way, many villagers have long mastered the search and surrender of scrap metal. To do this, they do not need a multifunctional and expensive metal detector.

Of course, searching with a metal detector of scrap metal and coins - things are different. If the first - a routine work, the second - a pleasant hobby, from which a person gets a lot of positive emotions. Digging for metal or continuing to look for coins is everyone's business. To enjoy dragging heavy scrap to the car is unlikely to succeed. But you will make money if you seriously do this work. Especially since finding a black metal scrap is much easier than vintage coins.

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Where to look for scrap metal?

If you don't know where to look for scrap metal, here are some tips. There are a lot of places where there is black metal. In abundance it can be found in the fields. Here they find parts of collective farm tractors and other agricultural equipment. These details are very heavy, so you can earn on them decently. When looking in the fields, you need to start with the edge. It is there that equipment is usually repaired, throwing broken parts under bushes or in ravines. Gradually it all overgrown with grass, but with a metal detector to find a "burial" is not difficult. It is also worth studying the history of the place where you are going to dig. Maybe there was a forge nearby. There's also a lot of scrap.

Often black scrap metal is found almost on the surface. So, once the seekers on the edge of the forest found a place where there were many metal plates. Each of them weighs about 5 kg. About a ton of metal was brought from the edge. Large glands in a conventional cop are rare. But for the season you can find up to a ton of chermet. The money received from the scrap metal can be spent on the upgrade of its metal detector. In place of old villages are often found small glands. But the seemingly seemingly fragment of metal can be quite heavy and it is difficult to convey to the car.

The iron dug out of the ground does not need to be left on the field, so that there was no trouble with collective farmers (those can then look obliquely at the treasure hunters). If you dig on the site of a non-residential village, the found iron is recommended to be folded in one place. Search with a metal detector you will lead not one day, and constantly stumble on the previously found iron will not be too rational. So it will be more convenient to transfer the finds to the car, if you decide to take them to the metal reception point. You don't have to run all over the field.