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Search and cop chermet with metal detector, where it is better to look for scrap of metal
Continuing the theme of earning on garbage and waste. let's talk about the income for collecting and surrendering scrap metals.

Along with the waste paper. plastic bottles. car tyres and other spent material, the scrap of the chermet takes a significant share in landfills and is also subject to recycling.

The collection of black scrap metal is considered by some to be a frivolous activity suitable for children and adolescents.

In fact, with a responsible approach, collecting scrap black metal can bring tangible additional income. which in today's crisis will not be superfluous.

In special scrap metal delivery points set decent prices for such secondary raw materials, and the cost per kilogram is constantly increasing.

The best places to find scrap metals

Places where you can find large deposits of metal recyclables, not very much.

There is an opinion that earlier, in Soviet times, broken equipment was simply buried. Therefore, in some places, there may be huge deposits of recycled metal.
To the seats. where scrap metal can be found, include:

Sowing fields. Previously, agricultural machinery that worked for them was often repaired directly there, and this is:
watering machines.
Spent parts. The parts that had served their age were thrown away. Therefore, fields, including abandoned ones, serve as a repository of scrap metal. If you have the right equipment when searching for metal, you can collect about 1-2 centners of recycled materials per day. Income from the surrender in this case will be more than 6 thousand rubles.

The edges of settlements are also rich in black scrap. Mining here can be:
old household and industrial appliances (whole or individual parts)
household items made of steel, cast iron. Iron.
Dump. Here the extraction is more modest. Plus the collection is complicated by an unpleasant smell, all the garbage is piled up, which makes it difficult to access the right metal objects. If you have protective clothing and a metal detector, you can find about 40-50 kg per day.
Repair bases. One of the lucky places for fans of the search for chermet. On repair bases you can find:
individual parts (weighing from 1-2 kg to 10-30 kg),
Whole machines
abandoned heavy machinery.
A significant plus of such places - spent parts were often folded in a certain place. So don't have to look for raw materials all over the base area.

Abandoned factories, businesses. A real treasure trove of metal recyclables. Catch when visiting such places includes:
Different details
industrial plants.
Abandoned landfills of metallurgical waste. The landfills, where spent or substandard material (made of black metal) were transported, served as a temporary storage ground for it. Landfills exist to the present day, the deposits of scrap metal there are impressive.
Abandoned shooting ranges. Mining is:
targets made of iron.
Beaches. particularly abandoned or near reservoirs. In such places it is possible to find parts from ships, ships, sometimes - whole anchors.
The cherry cop is fascinating and profitable

Finding recycled materials like black scrap metal is an interesting, revenue-generating business. For such a hobby does not need special skills and large money investments.

That's what you need to have. to do a black metal cop:

A tool for a cop - a shovel;
good physical training - often have to work hard with a shovel, carry and lift parts of the scrap metal;
transport to transport scrap, roomy trailer;
additional equipment that facilitates the search and collection of scrap metal - metal detectors, cutting tools (Bulgarian) to cut bulky parts of scrap;
knowledge of the main differences of metals from each other - the price of scrap iron, steel, stainless steel are different, so such awareness will not be superfluous.

Simple and reliable metal detector with your own hands
The process of digging scrap metal takes place in several stages:

Determining the place. where the search will take place. It is impossible to take scrap from residential cottages, functioning plants - it is a criminal act. Abandoned businesses, landfills, bases, warehouses and farmland can be learned from conversations with residents of nearby settlements.
Directly the search and extraction of scrap. Large objects are easy to find with the naked eye. You can use binoculars. Finding a metal detector is a simple and reliable way. If the search is on the river, the lake - will come to the aid of a special magnet.

Transportation and loading of scrap metal. More often, the collection of scrap is not engaged alone, it requires some effort, so the presence of a partner is welcome.

Surrender of black scrap. The final stage, the most pleasant - receiving a monetary reward for work.
After digging the worm, the holes that have formed should be buried, even if the place is deserted. You don't need someone to fall into a hole, why do you need negativity from the locals?

Often during a scrap metal cop people find unusual things:

Household items,
military trophies.
Such finds will be interested:

Search equipment

Often the metal recyclables do not lie just like that. Valuable deposits are in the ground. Water objects can also be repositories of valuable black scrap:

Searching in such places is difficult. Special devices come to the rescue.

Metal detector

This is a special device that allows you to establish the location of scrap hidden underground.

Modern metal detectors have many functions. including the determination of the depth of the unit and the type of metal.

For those who decided to start earning on the collection of scrap worm, any budget model, from 5-8 thousand rubles, will be suitable.

Soon these costs will pay off.