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Is the search for gold with a metal detector real? And then, there are finds!
Gold, jewelry, rings, chains, rings, earrings - such a catch in a beach search draws the imagination of the treasure hunter. The search for gold with a metal detector is becoming more popular, because the people here slowly but surely get richer, and therefore spends money on different gold tzatzki. And then successfully loses them in the summer on the beach. Finding a catchy beach - a difficult thing, because in the big cities the newcomer is unlikely to be able to dig on the beach, there will always be those who want to prevent it. What to do? Exit 2 - either go to the cop fun company, preferably early in the morning, or look for abandoned old beaches. Do you think you shouldn’t do a beach search for gold? Just look at this picture, I think motivation immediately add)).
Do you think people bathed in ancient times? Even as, so on the old beach you can also find a lot of interesting things. In general, about the beach cop I wrote in this article. you can walk the link, read, a lot of useful information - how to look, where to look. But not only on the beach you can find gold, I tell you from personal experience, because only 1 time I was lucky and I found a “redhead” - a small women’s bracelet, made of gold, modern. And I found it in the basement of my house, when I just bought a house and after 2 years addicted to treasure hunting. So I decided to check the small underground, snasked with his grater 34 floor in the basement, there was nothing good there, and then checked the place a little higher, where obviously put banks with blanks. Something squeaked, the coil hooked a piece of earth and saw the brilliance of yellow metal. It can’t be - flashed in my head, I picked up a finger find and saw that it was a gold bracelet. Small, however, it was a find with a capital letter. And it’s in my old house, to see the past tenants lost it, maybe fell through between the boards. Who knows. The fact is, I found him.

Immediately went to the store for the sale of jewelry and handed over the find, pulled the bracelet for 2.5 grams and gave me for it about 2500 rubles. Of course, such a find is a pure accident, i have never had such a fart and my cops on the cop too. Few people manage to find gold with a metal detector. Although I did not do a dense beach search, I think this year to try like on our local beach, as well as in my small homeland there is a place, I remember it from childhood. Now there is something like a shallow backwater and there is a place where there is no water, only sand. When I was about 10 years old, there was a very visited beach, since then the beach was deserted and with metal detectors it was not scratched. So I decided to check this year, suddenly the beach will be the same place and will give a lot of interesting finds. We’ll find out this summer.

The coolest thing is that as acquaintances who were not yet aware of my hobby, learn that I am a treasure hunter and I like to search with a metal detector, immediately ask - a lot of gold has found)) I always smile, because this question is asked constantly. How to explain to ordinary people that it is extremely rare to find gold with a metal detector. The next question that is to be - and what is your metal detector, which device is best for finding gold? Here I can say that it is possible to climb the whole beach with an E-track and find nothing, but you can go with Aska 150 and raise gold for the whole company. Here decides the case and luck, It seems to me. Useful article for those who decided to buy a device for beach search - a choice of beach metal detector.

Search for coins with a metal detector Where to look for coins
Although, of course, expensive metal detectors show themselves better on highly mineralized soils, which is the beach, especially the sea. Therefore, there will be fewer false positives, which means that it is likely that there will be more finds. At least the owner of the expensive device has more chances, that’s for sure.

We, diggers in the old days, still have a small chance to see a gold coin in the ground, because the finds were, are and will be. The main thing is not to be lazy and dig as many signals as possible. Reading the forums of treasure hunters, repeatedly came across the claims that the signal on the gold coin is “traffic” and the cool find was obtained only due to the persistence of the digger, who was not lazy “to dig the cork again”, and the result it falls out “redhead.” I myself am lazy to dig cork signals, because already dug up so much vodka corks that can not be counted. And always the number of VDI on my grater 34 was 28. Only the sound is quite different, not like the coin, of a lower tone. But when I found the bracelet, the VDI showed 8 and the sound was high, the signal is coined.

In general, gold can be found and it does not matter what device you have. Often go to the cop and luck you will smile. And yes, if you decide to dig on the beach, take with you a girlfriend or wife, newcomers lucky.