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10 tips on how to look for gold nuggets
Some geologists believe that only 20% of the total gold reserves have been found in the world so far. That means everything else has yet to be found. Although the search for gold in our country is legally prohibited, the law on the bowels is planned to rewrite. And in some places abroad the search for gold and today is quite legal. For example, in Australia you can pay a ridiculous sum of a few tens of dollars and go look for nuggets anywhere. It’s also easy to sell them there.

Experienced gold prospectors claim that if you have a good metal detector, it is almost impossible not to find gold in gold-nosed places.

10 tips from professionals on how to look for gold nuggets.

1. It is better to buy a special metal detector to search for gold. If the tools do not allow to roam, then though take the device with the maximum working frequency in this price category. Learn how to find settings and programs. Focus on setting up the ground balance. Buy headphones, so as not to be distracted by the noise of the water flow, because native gold is often to look near the rivers.

2. Whenever you find a gold nugget, keep searching around. The radius of the search vector can be very large, but usually where there is one nugget, there may be others.

3. When you find out about the place where the gold nugget was found, go there to search. It is likely that your metal detector with other settings will help you find more. For example, deep-lying nuggets may well remain unnoticed by other diggers.

It is better not to use discrimination. because in nature gold is often found in the form of alloys, and by including discrimination, you run the risk of missing a valuable find.

5. When you are looking for gold in rivers and streams, use a submersive waterproof coil. Slowly lead it adrift. Change your work height if the mineralization of the search site causes too much interference.

6. When looking for gold in the water you will help special trays for washing gold and a good shovel. The spade should be used to remove the top layer of pebbles and gravel.

7. When the target is detected, move it with a sovin to a tray of water. Consider the goal carefully. If it’s not gold, splash the water, sand and rocks back into the stream and keep looking.

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8. Gold can be found in old people and dried-up riverbeds. A good sign to find gold is the river valley with steep banks.

9. Dried riverbeds can be found by moisture-loving vegetation. which usually grows along the banks of rivers. From trees it is, for example, willow or willow. In addition, the sign of the former channel - overgrown scatterings of pebbles.

10. Always mark on the map the area where you were already looking for nuggets. Maybe in the future, when you have another metal detector, you will want to check the same area again.

We remind you that today in Russia criminal responsibility begins with the theft of 1.5 million rubles, that is, if you count gold at the price of scrap - more than 1.5 kg of gold. Up to this amount, violation under Article 191 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is punishable by administrative punishment and a fine from an individual of up to 5,000 rubles. The mined equipment is confiscated, but the search equipment is not.