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How does it work Metal detector frames
A metal detector is an electrical device that detects metal objects in a neutral or weak-conducting environment due to their conductivity. To ensure security at the entrance to crowded places, such as the station building or concert, each person must go through the metal detector frame, and all personal belongings are scanned by an introscope, which we last week. How does the metal detector frame work - about it in today’s issue.
Modern arched metal detectors or frames are pulse-induction. The design of such a device implies the presence of one or more coils of inductivity as receivers and transmitters of the signal. The system passes through the coils powerful short electrical impulses. Each pulse, in turn, generates a magnetic field. When the pulse ends, the magnetic field changes its polarity to the opposite and fades sharply. This causes a new electrical impulse in the coil, called “reflected pulse.” Its duration is very small and is several tens of microseconds. Then a new electrical impulse is fed to the coil, and the process is repeated. Depending on the specifications of the metal detector, 25 to 1,000 pulses per second can be fed to the coil.

If you put a metal object in the frame of the metal detector, the pulse will create the opposite magnetic field in the object itself. This will make the reflected pulse of the coil a few microseconds longer. The length of the reflected pulse in the metal detector is analyzed by a special diagram. It compares the actual duration of the pulse with the expected one and determines whether it is caused by another magnetic field. If the reflected signal lasts longer than usual, it indicates the presence of a metal object field. The scheme sends a signal to the integrator, which converts it into dc voltage. The voltage, in turn, is fed to the audio chart and generates a beep that alerts security personnel to the presence of a metal object. The metal detector frame protects against false positives with a special algorithm for suppressing electromagnetic interference.

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Metal detector frames are single-zone and multi-zone - having several coils located at different heights. Multi-zone frames, unlike single-zone frames, allow to determine the approximate location of metal objects and their height above the ground. At the same time, they show which side and in the area of which part of the human body is the object found. If more than one metal object is hidden, each of them will be detected with the location.

Also, the metal detector frames can be equipped with smart meters placed inside the panels. The counters allow you to count the number of people who have passed through the metal detector and the number of positives.