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Search for scrap metal in the ground without georadar metal detector
Georadars and metal detectors are expensive devices, for the purchase of which there are not always funds. To find scrap metal in the soil, on abandoned landfills, landfills, old plants and storage facilities, there are other methods of search.

Geographical maps will indicate the locations of scrap deposits

To find scrap metal without a metal detector, it is enough to use old geographical maps showing the following locations:

1) Sites where there were landfills and landfills of metallurgical waste, abandoned factories and enterprises that have not been working for a long time. Any place except exclusion zones, places where archaeologists are excavated, can become the object of research. Search is prohibited in any areas covered by the Law protecting non-purpose land.

2) Territories of abandoned collective farm and village repair shops, machine-tractor stations. Places where technical enterprises, state farms, farms, planting fields were located.
3) Sites, where previously located villages, villages, farms, beaches, now abandoned or flooded after the construction of reservoirs.

4) Areas where there were previously military units, firing ranges, now relocated or evacuated. The exception scan is the facilities where rocket and space equipment and equipment were previously serviced and tested. Metal in this place is toxic, radioactive, dangerous to humans, the environment.


By the way! The clue where to find scrap deposits in the ground can be stories of local old-timers, information available on the Internet and the media.

Search without georadar, metal detector

Find a valuable scrap in the ground without georadar, without a metal detector will help sours, metal probes. Effective search will also be possible with the help of vines, pendulum, search magnets.


Ground-feeding means to dig a trench by hand using a shovel. Soil on the site cut to a depth of 1.5-2 m, the direction of the cop can be longitudinal, circular. The work is carried out in the warm season, as manual labor is very labor-intensive, and frozen soil is almost impossible to dig by hand. To avoid showering the ground, the trenches are dug at least 0.5 m apart. For easy search, the depth of the notch should be 1.5 times the width.

Working with a metal probe

The efficiency of the search for scrap will increase the search probe - moderately light and hard metal pin up to 2 m. Detection of scrap occurs by immersion or puncture of a layer of soil. The method is suitable if the soil is loose and soft, which is typical for swampy lowlands, ploughed fields, areas where excavation work was recently carried out. The pike can be made independently or made to order from hexagon, rebar.

Homemade metal detector Butterfly

Metal rod vine

Vine is a popular tool for finding places to dig wells, which is also used to detect scrap in the thickness of the earth. The tool can be bought or manufactured with your own hands. It is a pair of thin bars of aluminum, steel or copper wire, bent by the letter G at an angle of 90 o. Options of bars at the section of the wire 4-6 mm - about 340-400 mm by 80-100 mm.

How the vineworks:

(a) G-shaped bars become an antenna that captures electromagnetic waves, indicating ground anomalies: voids, metal objects;

(b) To work, the rods are taken in their hands so that they are located parallel to each other, were not clamped, but could rotate freely in different directions;

(c) Holding the device in your hands, begin to move around the perimeter or diagonally of the site;

(d) If an anomaly is found in the soil, the ends of the device will turn 45-60 o.m. no matter which way;

(e) Dig begin in the place where the vine pointed.

Note! Searching with a vine is effective in summer. Snow covering the ground in winter significantly weakens and shields the signal of electromagnetic radiation.

Search pendulum

How to find scrap metal will prompt a spherical pendulum of wood, neutral metal. The simplified version is to make a product of plastic, dense cardboard, then paste with foil. The sphere with a diameter of 200-300 mm is hung on a cotton thread 800-120 mm long. How to work with the pendulum:

The sphere with foil acquires the ability to capture electromagnetic waves. This is the basis of the principle of finding scrap.
Before use, check the performance of the device. The pendulum is placed over a sheet of metal, removing or approaching until the rotation begins.

If you plan to search for steel scrap, a sheet of steel is taken for inspection. When the pendulum is prepared to detect gold, silver, take a gold or silver object and test them.

Important! The length of the thread is selected individually, depending on the metal that is planned to be searched.

Magnets to detect scrap metal

To search for scrap worm in a reservoir, a river, a lake, any aquatic environment is ideal single-, two-way search magnets. They are placed in the water, moving on foot or on a boat, attracting small and large objects from the bottom.

By the way! One-way magnets are convenient for vertical search with an escarpment, boat or bridge. Bilateral products are more suitable for throwing from the shore, after which the cargo is pulled back on a cable.

The view, the size of search magnets can be different. The retention strength depending on the parameters is 80-600 kg. The device of magnets is the same type:

galvanized body, which protects against corrosion, mechanical damage;
core - from neodym, on top - three-layer nickel copper coating;
one or two rum bolts.
Note! The cost of a neodymium magnet depends on the size, the strength of the retention. The average price of models capable of lifting 300 kg - 3300-3500 rubles. 600 kg - 6300-6500 rubles.

An important aspect of the search is security technology

Compliance with basic safety rules is the key to the company’s success.

1) Before going to search for scrap metal pick up comfortable clothes that almost completely covers the body, leaving no open areas. This is especially important if you plan to go to the site of landfills, abandoned enterprises and storage facilities of the chemical industry.

2) Shoes are chosen with a thick rubberized sole, with fortified socks and heels. It will protect against dirt, moisture, reagents and substances that corrode the skin.

3) If you plan to cut the crowbar in place, it is important to have glasses to protect the eyes from mechanical damage, metal fragments.

When collecting scrap, you need to bring a first aid kit with antiseptics. The sharp edges of recycled materials, especially rusty ones, with soil particles, salts - a breeding ground of dangerous microbes, bacteria and viruses.