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How to choose the right metal detector
You don't know how to choose the right metal detector? Then I advise you to read my recommendations on the choice of your first device. You don't want to throw money away, do you? Then do not neglect my advice on choosing a device for entry level and more professional.

What is a metal detector?

A metal detector is a device that detects metal in the ground due to the conductivity of the electromagnetic field. Thanks to the development of technology, modern metal detectors can distinguish the type of metal, more powerful devices can determine the size of the target.

Metal detectors come in two types, unpaved and underwater.

Ground-to-ground devices are designed to search for metal objects in the ground. The cost of a metal detector is not high - from $75. Such metal detectors I bought here repair of his old device, when the image on the LCD screen was missing, so he advised me to buy a metal detector and accompanying equipment.

Underwater devices are designed to search for metal objects, jewelry, coins under the water.

What are we going to look for?

In order not to buy a cat in a bag, we need to determine what we will look for. If you're interested in finding old coins. you need a "coin" device, namely the one that is designed to search for old coins.

If you want to look for jewelry on the beach, or engage in beach search, you need a device "beachman", preferably, that is not afraid of water and sand.

For the most dangerous search, for the war. you need a pulse device that has a good metal separation and a fine metal definition function (pingpoint) is desirable.

Well, if you decide to dig black metal for change. You will fit absolutely any device. It's just a matter of price.
You probably realized that each type of search needs its own device. My search experience at the moment is 2 years. During this time I kept a lot of appliances, each digger. asked about the possibilities of the device and its findings to them. So I will help you choose the right device for you without problems, the main thing will determine the type of search.

How to choose the right metal detector?

So we're going to talk about the beach search now. Here we will look for beach change and gold jewelry. To do this, we need a device that works at high frequency. I will reveal the secret, fans of the device garrett ace 250 (he is a coin, not a beachgoer), works at a frequency of 7.2KHz, which is actually very small. He doesn't see the small links from the chain, even the whole chain is unlikely to see. In addition, we need a device that is not afraid of water and sand. Garrett ace 250 is afraid, and in salt water is phonite.

Garrett at pro is a decent device for beach search. There is an opportunity to work underwater, at a depth of up to 3 meters. Working frequency 15 kHz, the chain sees well. And as a coinman he is good. By the way, I recommend reading my article about garrett at pro here.

Garrett at gold is a similar device to the device above. The only thing new here is the 18 kHz working frequency. This means that there is even more depth on small objects. Equipped with a waterproof body, and salt water is not afraid.

Excalibur II is my favorite beachgoer, because I do not see a competitor from the beach appliances. Minelab Excalibur is both on land and in the water. With it, you can search at a depth of 60 meters. The device works simultaneously with 17 frequencies from 1.5-25.5 kHz, feels great both in salt water and in fresh water.

Beach search device, I recommend choosing only from these three (Garrett at pro, Garrett at gold, Excalibur II) the best device is not to be found. Although on the forums you will be advised, all sorts and other cheap stuff. Only advisers do not think that the cheap device works at a very low frequency, the chain he does not see. The only thing you can find with it is rings, earrings and coins. But the devices that I put above, work at a high frequency, they seemed to be created for beach search, besides they can be lowered input.

How to use a metal detector
Now the devices for finding old coins. This point will be easier. Because most metal detectors were created to search for ancient coins and relics.

Entry-level devices:

Garrett ACE 250 - $299. I still go with such, to search for coins, the best device for such a sum can not find. Although, initially the device comes with a mono coil, which is very difficult to find something. But if you buy a reel DD, you can look for coins and relics from a great depth.

Garrett Euro ACE is the same device in shape and color as the device above. The only thing that is new here is that the device is already with a DD reel. So the depth will be great, which the device will scan.

Mid-level devices:

Of the mid-level devices, I advise only:

Minelab X-terra 305;

Minelab X-terra 505;

Minelab X-terra 705.

Minelab series X-terra 305, 505, 705 was designed to search for coins and relics.

Professional-level devices:

Better Minelab E-Trac or XP DEUS. From the professional level, the best device for coins can not be found. These models are easy to buy, both in the used and in the new state. Easy to sell, if you do not like it, these two devices are especially popular among treasure hunters.

Now let's talk about the war device. Here it is very difficult to choose the right device, although in the price they are cheap, but on the right choice depend on your finds and convenience to use. I don't know any guys who didn't listen to my advice, and they didn't pick the right device. Now they dig, small garbage and shards, and something valuable and large they rarely come across.

I've seen this device in action. For war, there are no better devices. Its ability to operate on one of the 4 frequencies: 4 kHz, 6.17 kHz, 9.13kHz, makes this device a "super war pathfinder". Not to miss any little things, I saw how the guy with this device picked up VOPs, and from the trenches of the order, bayonet knives, helmets, shovels, pots.

Corsair Supermaster 2 - this device I saw also in action. It doesn't have a screen, it doesn't have buttons, just regulators. But, this device has a clear distribution of targets, which does not prevent you from working with large objects when there are a lot of shrapnel nearby.

Garrett GTI 2500 - deep nozzle a - many who dig through the war, dig just this device and with a deep nozzle. But this is not surprising, because this device is able to determine the approximate size of the target, which is very important for the excavation of The WKI.

Now you know how to choose a metal detector. Of all the models I have proposed, I have seen many live and seen them in work. And also, if for some reason you did not like this model, it can be easily sold on the forum, because these models are especially popular among treasure hunters.