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8 things the metal detector responds to
The security of the usual airport inspects the luggage of about two million people every day. Even when you don’t have large metal objects with you, the metal detector triggers exactly when you pass. You are extremely surprised and you will find an unpleasant screening procedure. We offer our readers a list of subjects to which the security systems react.

Aluminium wrapper

Many manufacturers of chewing gum, candy and cigarettes instead of foil use paper for wrapping. The reason for this is the problems faced by passengers when they carried such products. As a result, negative attitude to the brand.

What to do? Before the metal detector, pull out of your pockets all the contents to reduce to zero the risk of being searched.


We are talking about keys that are pushed out of a special case at the touch of a button. When you scan your bags, it looks like a knife. If you have such a key, be sure that you will be stopped and asked to show that you are lucky.

What to do? Put the keys in your carry-on luggage so you don’t unpack the huge bags you’re handing over to the luggage compartment.

Hair bands

Yes, yes. The reason for your inspection may be a regular bow. The reason is simple: the structure of many bows contains metal.

What to do? Put out these tapes right away before going through the metal detector.

Small bottles of alcoholic beverages

There are clear rules about this. The bottle should contain no more than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) of strong drink and be in a factory container. It should be packed in a transparent plastic bag, which is fastened to the “lightning”.

Glass snow balls

They cannot be carried in hand luggage because they contain liquid larger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml).

An evacuation was announced at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut in October because security found a bag containing such a glass ball. The airport resumed operations only after a thorough investigation of the find.

What to do? If you are carrying such a souvenir, put it on top of your belongings and prepare for your luggage to be searched.


They usually contain more than 100 ml of liquid and are therefore prohibited for carry-on baggage. But this ban does not apply to people who use an inhaler for medical reasons and can not do without it during the flight.

What to do? Pack it in a transparent plastic bag and tell the security guards in advance that you are going to take this medicine on board. Make sure your aerosol has clear markings and descriptions.


Metal detector manufacturers say they don’t respond to women’s underwear items, but many female passengers say otherwise. As a rule, women are screened in a separate room. Needless to say, the search may be delayed and you will miss your flight.

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What to do? Try not to wear underwear with metal elements. And if you have such things in your luggage, then immediately prepare them for inspection.

Peanut butter jars

Everything on the planet has its own shape: liquid, hard or gaseous. Peanut butter does not apply to any. If you put such a delicacy in your luggage, you will be detained with a 100 percent probability.

What to do? If you’re a big fan of peanut butter, stock up on sandwiches so you don’t get the attention of the guards and keep your nerves.

We wish you pleasant flights, flights without delays and soft landing.