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From time to time, caught the eye of someone from the local population, constantly have to hear the question - “Well, how much gold dug up?” Metal detector. They think they need it first to find treasures. gold, or at least silver coins.

However, what is surprising, many novice search engines at first thought the same, even more, some of them for this reason and purchased a metal detector. Going with him for a while comes the understanding that by and large it is an illusion, treasures finds anyone but me, gold - too, and I only come across at best coins. After that, doubts begin to arise immediately, and is it really realistic to find gold, if so, then where to look for it?

Experience or luck?

Many have come to this hobby after listening to the stories of friends or reading exciting articles on the Internet or watching videos on YouTube. But in all these variants there is a certain deception, it is that people tend to share with others mainly only the most interesting finds. That’s why many beginners get the impression that treasures and gold does not raise only lazy.
Urgently bought a device, going to the fields and … here it is reality - traffic jams, wire, etc. garbage. Where’s the treasure? After that, some of these diggers throws this case, and the other, on the contrary, begins to gladly go to the cop, rejoicing in what comes across. It is such comrades sooner or later and be lucky to shout on the whole field - “Hurrah, the first gold!”

It turns out that only a patient search engine can find gold, partly it is so, partly not. Not least in this case plays the choice of place to search, the model of the metal detector and experience. But still it should be noted that this is not the most important thing, luck - that’s what really contributes to the raising of truly valuable finds. Examples when found a treasure or gold coins in places where everything has long been well and wide abound.

But this, of course, does not mean that the chances of a beginner and an experienced comrades are equal, in the latter case on the side of the digger will be knowledge, experience, patience and flair, although as it is known newcomers are lucky.

How then to be an inexperienced comrade? First of all, you do not need to set a goal to find gold at all costs. Otherwise, over time, the lack of valuable finds will only depress. You need to start with a simple - to walk to promising places and learn to understand your metal detector.

8 things the metal detector responds to
Having mastered this, in general, a simple matter, you can already try to make a purposeful search for really valuable things.

Gold, caught by searchengines can be divided into two groups - jewelry and coins.

Search for jewelry

They, in turn, can be divided into modern and old. The first finds, in the form of gold rings, earrings, chains, etc. are often raised on the beaches, much less often in the fields and villages. Beach search can be considered in a common direction in the treasure hunt, which deals with a certain part of diggers. Their goal, just lost jewelry. During the season, with a good deal, they manage to raise a few golden gizmos, but do not assume that it is given so simply.

Walking in such places is not for everyone, you just need a really great desire and patience to find something valuable among the numerous garbage and modern walkers. And do not discount that it is usually crowded places even in the off-season, so not everyone will like someone’s presence.

Ancient products are found on the site of rich settlements - former bar estates, merchant houses, shops, etc. places like this. Distinguish the old gold from the new by special stigmas.

A good beach will always please with finds

Gold coins

If you believe the stories of their diggers, the most likely to be found in the following places: first of all, it is abandoned houses, mostly wealthy people. Coins there could hide anywhere, where exactly they can be searched read in the article “Finding treasure in abandoned houses “.

In addition, some of the coins, though rare, but found on the ground of former settlements - tracts. Finding one coin in such a place is necessary to continue the search. As a rule, they were not hidden by the water, so it is part of the treasure, so it is necessary to examine the nearby area very carefully and lay the shurf. It is worth noting that the gold preferred to hide in separate cubes from the rest of the coins by 3-5pc.

It is also worth knowing that how rarely such coins are found is influenced by the way cubes are laid. Often they were put in iron jars and boxes, so hearing the unpleasant sound of iron most tries to immediately fill the dug hole.

The most often successful search engines come across the gold coins of Nicholas II and Alexander III. Such finds as, for example, Catherine’s Imperials - it’s just a huge rarity, you can say winning in a serious lottery.

In addition to all of the above, there is a search for native gold in streams and rivers, but it requires already special devices and certain skills and, most importantly, this occupation is now considered prohibited.

Gold mining is allowed only under special permits issued to the artel

Statistics of the reports of fans of instrument search shows that on average gold finds only every second digger, leaving constantly throughout the season.