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Active types of hobbies are very popular in the modern world. Someone likes to run, someone to ride a bike, someone to travel, someone to engage in skydiving! Active type of hobby there is a huge number, starting with the simplest hobbies, requiring active pastime and ending with the most extreme ways to spend their free time.

Most of the active hobbies are universal - suitable for both the male and female populations. But, it is foolish to say that they are all equally popular among both halves of the human race. Therefore, it is worth dividing active types of hobbies into:

Active hobbies for women;
Active types of hobbies for men;
Common active hobbies.

Active hobbies for men

First of all, fishing should be an active hobby for men. The female half of the population of our planet will never understand the pleasure of sitting for hours with a fishing rod waiting for a catch, even if this activity takes place against the backdrop of a picturesque surrounding nature. Another active type of hobby, which can be attributed to a truly masculine, is the love of various historical battles and historical reconstructions of memorable events. Hunting is also not popular among beautiful ladies.

Active hobbies for women

Active hobbies for women are dancing, where the weak half of humanity is constantly experiencing a shortage of male partners. Also, it is fitness, which is now very popular and is a hobby for many women.

Active hobbies for all

But, still, most hobbies are suitable for both men and women, albeit with varying degrees of popularity. Such types of hobbies as travel, diving, green tourism - attract couples, company of friends, allowing you to actively spend their free time and gain new, unforgettable, impressions!.
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