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What is a laser tag Principles and features of the game
In most major cities of the world, entertainment such as laser tag is becoming increasingly popular. This marvelous name excites the minds of a person, but is a kind of paintball (team game for military reasons) using special laser equipment.

Lasertag is suitable for playing with family, with friends, and does not require much physical fitness and is absolutely safe.
The game is based on special sensors, which are connected by the signal to the weapon, and fix the player hitting the target with the correct guidance on the sensor (shot). The weapon has a reloading phase and a limited number of projectiles, which does not allow players to mindlessly shoot into the void. The sensors themselves can be fixed in any way. Most often, these are special vests with built-in chips or helmets.

Lasertag is divided into two types of game:

Arena - the game is held indoors in a strictly limited and thematically decorated space. This kind of laser tag somewhat constrains and restricts the player, but more forces to act from a tactical point of view.

Out-of-market is the type of game for which there is a large outdoor space, with a wide range of possible actions and giving more freedom to players.

Principles of the game.

Play in the laser tag can only be with the help of special, expensive equipment, which is surrendered by the organizations of team combat in specially designated locations.

The task of each player is to defeat the opponent with an accurate shot in the sensor. And here it all depends on the settings and sensitivity of the sensors, because some perceive as hits are not the most accurate shots, and some require sniper accuracy. Most often, in order to take the opponent out of the game requires 2 to 5 hits, depending on the settings of the equipment.
The “dead” player needs to return to the base of his team, and wait a certain period of time when his life resumes, and he will be back in the game.

The main task of the team is to capture and hold the playing center of the site (special radio point), which is captured by a single shot. After the hit, the countdown begins, during which the opponent can try to shoot down the capture, and capture the “center” under his control. The team that managed to keep the main point of the playground with the necessary period of time wins.

The necessary equipment for the game.

There is a variety of equipment for playing laser tag. First of all, it is a specially installed radio point with professional software, providing the rules of the gameplay and controlling it. This is followed by special sensors for recording shots and, actually weapons.

Weapons for laser tag can be different:

Laser pistols and space and game-type assault rifles unrelated to real weapons models;
Imitation of this weapon of combat type - creates the maximum realism of what is happening.
At the same time, the functionality of the weapon is not different, and can only vary system settings.

The benefits of playing laser tag:

The possibility of playing is a big company;
There is no need to purchase special clothes, enough standard game set;
A wide variety of playgrounds;
No traumatic factor, as when playing classic paintball;
No seasonality of the game (lasertag is available all year round);
Affordable prices.
As you can see, laser tag is not in vain gaining more popularity, as a kind of active entertainment and hobby.
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