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What to take with you to hunt
Hunting is one of the most favorite men’s activities. The opportunity to get prey, perform a sacred ritual of killing an animal, to disperse the adrenaline in the blood - these are the main goals of each hunter. Naturally, hunting is perceived by modern men only as a hobby, not counting some nationalities in the world, and does not serve as an important source of food for the family. The storm of emotions - that’s what drives every lover of hunting animals. Most of these people do not think about any equipment, bypassing only a gun and a small supply of food, and this is fundamentally wrong.
Going on hunting, everyone should perform a list of actions that will help to be as prepared as possible for any situations in the wild, because both animals and nature are not so happy uninvited guests, constantly trying to present them additional Difficulties. Beginners will be comfortable to take the advice of reputable resources.

What should you take with you to hunt?

In order not to get into trouble, we advise each hunter to stick to a simple plan of action to prepare for the battle with the game and Mother Nature.

Make a list of things necessary for safety, check the presence of these things (a first aid kit, a compass, the presence of a phone with a good signal and a powerful charge, the emergency services phone and local forestry);

Prepare (to formalize) all necessary documents for hunting, according to the laws of the country;

The availability of hunting equipment, which is important in forest conditions (proven gun, set of cartridges, two sharp knives, preferably folding, special hunting suit, reliable waterproof shoes, matches in a waterproof bag, binoculars, accessories To lure animals, map of the area (classic version), navigator);.
If a long ambush on the beast is supposed, it is obligatory to bring a thermos with hot tea, and a supply of food. It is desirable to take into account the weight, so that it does not hinder movement in the wooded area;
A special raincoat that will save in rainy weather from the vagaries of nature.

This is the main list of things to take with you to hunt. In the case of long-term warriors in the wild, wooded area, the list can be expanded by the necessary equipment and diet, for a comfortable and successful hunting process..
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