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Where and how to look for treasures without a metal detector
It is very exciting to find old coins and treasures, but such a search often needs special equipment. Only every enthusiastic treasure hunter can organize a search for old coins and without expensive metal detectors. Of course, there will be not so many finds, but if you want, they will be.

From my own experience, I advise you to look for bookmarks in abandoned old houses and nearby plots. I, at one time, began my search without the necessary equipment and have sufficient experience in this painstaking occupation.

Let’s just say, you have to make sure that the house really does not belong to anyone and is abandoned. Usually such houses have no glass, no doors, sometimes they even removed the floors. To search you still need some simple tools it is - a small sharpened axe, mounts and a small iron scoop. You should calculate at least the approximate age of the building. The foundation can help you in this matter.
Ancient houses were usually placed on millstones or stones, but if the house was really large, the foundation was a brick foundation. Also examine whether the house has been rebuilt, it is determined by additional annexes, foundation fill and the appearance of window and door structures.

When building a house in the old days it was customary to make basic coin bookmarks. You need to check a few places where there will be a bookmark. Look in the spaces between door, window structures and walls, as well as the places where walls and fallopian logs come into contact. And if you are a lucky person, then a handful of silver you will be provided, only for this you will have to work well with an axe and mounting, as a chainsaw can create a lot of unnecessary noise. Personally, I found the coins in these places, so I advise you. It’s also nice to check the logs under the windowsills for the presence of someone’s stash. Knowledgeable people claim that there are often treasures.

Where to look for treasures?

When you will pull out window or door boxes, as well as logs from grooves, be extremely careful and always carefully look at the moss. Since small coins you will be able to shake casually. All these spaces for many centuries become a piggy bank for small items. I love to open such places, as there often met together with the royal trifle of a bunch of all sorts of interesting items like buttons, badges and all sorts of small stuff.

The corners of the house can also be a great place to lay coins. When building a building there was no definite rule of laying money, so you should carefully disassemble all corners of the house. Of course, there is no guarantee of a find, because not every owner could afford to lay a trifle in the walls, but if you are lucky that find, as a rule, promises to be solid. Actually I below three-penny coins in the corners did not find anything, most often it was five-penny coins of Nicholas II. Please note that hacking the corner is not the easiest job, so immediately assess your strength and capabilities.

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The most guaranteed place of find in an old house is the land under the floor. Usually in abandoned houses floors are no longer observed. In this case, you need an iron owl. All the top layer of land you will need to carefully dig up. During the long time of the house, hundreds of coins could fall through the floorboards. Here you can find a variety of trifles, including Soviet times, buttons, pins and other small items.

Coins under the floor of an old house.

You can also dig a lot of layers of the slack. The hiding places there are almost impossible to find, but various things like irons, cutlery, checkers are quite possible.