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How to find metal underground without a metal detector
Metal detector, or, especially, georadar - devices are expensive, and not every metal search engine is available. Meanwhile, the answer to the question - how to find metal underground without a metal detector - excites many diggers of abandoned landfills and old backyards. Are there other methods of finding metal?

Know the location

A thorough study of the site of the alleged search for metal underground is a prerequisite for good luck. We can’t talk about any large-scale metal deposits here, but the extraction of small items of ancient metal utensils, mint deposits or remnants of structures of abandoned machinery, spare parts, etc. - can be quite real.
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Experienced search engine will start with finding out all the details of the geographical location, which they have chosen for searches. Promising places to find metal without a metal detector can be:

The former locations of repair shops of collective farms, MTS (for those who no longer know that it is - machine-tractor stations), enterprises of agricultural machinery, state farms and other technical units of agricultural purpose of the past years. Even on abandoned farms you can find, for example, parts of milking machines.

Evacuated or redeployed, by virtue of expediency, military units (except those that were engaged in the maintenance of rocket and space equipment: the metal found there can be toxic).

The former locations are the locations of villages, villages, farms, which were abandoned by their inhabitants, for example, because of the threat of flooding of the sites by artificial reservoirs.

Areas of closed landfills and landfills located outside the exclusion zone, which are not covered by the Law on the Protection of Non-Target Lands (thus, the search for a metal detector-free chermet in the sites where archaeological expeditions work, is forbidden). Such searches cannot also be carried out in the exclusion zones of the railway.

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On such maps you can find abandoned villages, farms, workshops

Good sources of information about the location of these objects can be old topographical maps, stories of people who lived on these lands, information from the public media. Meanwhile, there are a number of indirect signs on which it is possible to positively answer the question of how to find metal in the ground without a metal detector, and to assess the prospect of search. This is:

The remains of the foundation, preferably concrete, it shows the capitality of the building;
Remains of the foundation of old buildings.