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How to cheat a metal detector
As soon as a person understands how to deceive a metal detector, he with a light soul can enter all sorts of public places, be it concert halls, restaurants, clubs, stadiums, airports, banks. Device.

How to cheat a manual metal detector?

There are many myths about how you can interfere with the metal detector. To the chagrin of many, this is just a theory. In practice, it is almost impossible to cheat such a cunning device.
Of course, you can bury as deep as possible items that do not want to be found, but the modern device is so well equipped that it can be disgusting to squeak even when finding a filling in your teeth.

How to get through a metal detector with a phone?

As mentioned above, cheating this smart device is almost impossible. Attempt is not torture, and therefore put on shoes on a thick sole, in which pre-cut a recess. That’s where we hide the cell phone. Another option - hide a thin gadget behind the belt, and in the pocket put a flash drive. We pass through a metal detector. He starts squealing - take out a flash drive, give and calmly pass on. In extreme case, if asked to remove the belt, you can loudly declare that you will not do it because you do not want to lose your pants in public. It is hoped that you will be believed and confiscated only a flash drive.

Is it possible to pass through a metal detector with a pacemaker?

Before you go on a trip, ask your doctor if there is metal in your pacemaker. If there is none, you can not worry about the problematic passage of the metal detector.

How to find metal underground without a metal detector
Otherwise, the doctor must issue an official document confirming the presence of this device. And when ordering a ticket it is important to register as a disabled person and do not forget to inform the airport security in advance about your problem. In this case, you will be taken to another scanning terminal, allowing as quickly as possible, without problems to pass the metal detector at the airport.