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How to choose the right metal detectors
In this review article, we will tell you how to choose the right metal detector, what you need to pay attention to, and what functionality is important. In addition, we will provide you with our personal recommendations on models and manufacturers of metal detectors. It should also be noted that all the information presented in this review will be very interesting for beginners.

Many search engines and those who are just planning to do this fascinating business is faced with the question of choosing a metal detector. Today there are many companies on the market - manufacturers of devices and coils. Finding information about a particular model often doesn’t work. Sometimes there is no information at all, and you have to rely on the feedback of those few who bothered to write a review on the Internet, and on the opinion of the seller.

How to choose the right metal detector

First of all, you have to decide what you will be looking for and where. There are appliances for underwater search, conventional ground metal detectors deep devices. Submarines can also be used on land and in highly mineralized soil.
Conventional ground metal detectors are designed to be searched on land. As a rule, they have water-protected coils and allow the coil to dive to a depth of 0.5 meters. Therefore, they can be used for coastal search.

The hinterlands do not see coins and other small purposes. They are designed to search for large objects (more than 10×10 cm) in size at great depths. Ground devices are looking for metal objects with a depth of up to 1-2 m.

In the second stage, decide on the amount you are willing to spend on the device. Today, manufacturers of metal detectors offer a wide range of devices in different price categories. The price of a metal detector is not a characteristic of its search qualities. Do not forget that the treasure is not looking for a metal detector, and a search engine. Therefore, the experience with the device, perseverance, and compliance with not cunning signs (for example, the treasure is not given drunk) affect the effectiveness of searches much more than what device you use. Of course, you should not buy Chinese-made metal detectors (JJ-Connect, etc.). We do not recommend buying Metal Detectors Bounty Hunter old models (such as Bounty Hunter Tracker IV). Otherwise, any device of a well-known company produced in a “decent” country can be effective.

There are leading leaders in the field of metal detectors in the market of modern metal detectors. Buying models of their production, you will never go wrong! It is the products of these brands that our store sells! White’s and Garrett are considered to be the most famous metal detector manufacturer in the United States. Bounty Hunter and Teknetics are more well known in Europe. XP is generally a device from France.

How to cheat a metal detector
Next, ask the recommendations of manufacturers and sellers of metal detectors. Sellers, as a rule, divide devices into several categories - devices for beginners. medium-level devices (or “semi-professional”) and professional devices. Typically, these devices vary in functionality and cost. Remember that this classification is very conditional and buying a professional device you will not look deeper into the ground. Buying a professional device by itself will not give you an advantage in your search until you study the device and gain experience with it. As long as you can’t tell the difference between a useful signal from a garbage signal by ear or device readings.

If you are a beginner we will NOT recommend to refuse to buy professional and semi-professional appliances. It is not necessary to start with low-cost “turned-and-go” devices. If you feel that metal search is yours, boldly buy a professional device. But! When buying a professional-level metal detector, be prepared to spend some time and effort studying the instructions, studying the device itself, conducting test searches.

Devices for beginners. usually work on the principle of “included-and-go.” Here, the setting of the device and the number of functions are minimized. For example, the balance of the soil is set at the manufacturer’s factory in the average and is not regulated. There can only be two available regimes: “Finding All Metals” and “Discrimination.” The number of sectors separating the line of discrimination can be very small (Garrett ACE 150 - 5) respectively and to exclude a target from the search will be difficult (because excluding from the search the target that falls into the sector, you exclude and others having others having and having others having conductivity deviates slightly from the excluded).