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Why do we need metal detectors
A metal detector or metal detector is a special device designed to detect metal objects in an environment. He discovers objects in the soil, in the walls, in the water, in food, under clothes, in luggage, in a living organism, i.e. in a person or an animal.

There are several types of metal detectors and each performs the task assigned to it. For example, there are by types and types of use:

military metal detector, designed mainly to search for mines, unexploded ordnance;.
ground metal detectors are suitable for searching for various valuables in the ground, such as historical coins, valuables;

manual metal detector - it is designed to detect metal objects on the human body (you have clearly encountered such at customs);

magnetometers (also a type of metal detectors) are very compact, they are designed to search for different iron;

The deep metal detector is used to search for large metal objects, such as a treasure chest, at great depths.

They are used, practically, in any sphere of human activity. This is when searching for treasures and relics, and in minefields, and in the field of communication, that is, in airports, to check the person, his luggage. Metal detectors and builders are used to detect pipelines and gas pipelines.

My first acquaintance with this device took place in the distant school years: together with other members of the club “Search” we searched for traces of World War II - shells and ammunition, missing in the swamps military equipment, other hidden secrets underground.

How a metal detector works
Of course, not everyone needs a metal detector in the farm. But if your son is raving about old treasures, maybe you should give him such a gift?.