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Nowadays, a large number of adults consider the search of treasures their profession. And, most surprisingly, they really find in the ground various valuablethings using a metal detector garrett or minelab! A metal detector is needed to find the treasure. Their cost ranges from 2,000 thousand rubles to 50,000. It is clear that the more expensive the technique, the more successful the search. If you are not willing to spend large sums, you can rent a metal detector minelab or garrett.
As everyone knows, beginners in the hands of which metal detector is usually lucky, so go in search of a treasure taking with you a broom finder, and this exciting occupation can become your profession for years to come. We all know what a metal detector is for - to detect metal objects. However, for many, the principle of the metal detector remains a secret. How it works, why it sees metal objects, and what the range of work, we will tell in this article.

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First of all, let's start with the theory. What is a metal detector? It is an electronic device that detects different types of metal using radio waves. In the so-called search coil, an electromagnetic field is created that spreads within the range of the metal detector. This counter pulse is fixed by a sensor on a metal detector, and informs the operator of the find. Depending on the price and quality of the device, the operator can see the type of metal and the depth of the device. The modern multi functional metal detector has several useful features.