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Homemade powerful metal detector
The main advantage of these homemade metal detectors is the price! It is much lower than the price of factory copies (at times even used) with similar characteristics.

Show in full... The second main advantage is metal detectors, which really find and "wipe the nose" to many expensive factory devices. A little digging on the Internet and understanding you see for yourself. If you do not want to overpay for a variety of displays on factory appliances, dealers, etc. but want you to have a serious device, then read further.

Improvised metal detector of professional level 11,500 rubles.

Metal detector for 11,500 rubles - under the scheme "Terminator 3." This metal detector of my performance is able to compete with the best metal detectors in the price range of 50,000 rubles. Google, the Internet is full of info. It has everything you need for a professional cop - "Gold Only," "Only Color," "All Metals," manual balance of the ground, additional second discrimination device two-frequency (8 kHz and 18 kHz). The quality of the discrim is high. Soviet 5 kopeks"sees" at a distance of 40 cm and above. Catherine's Heel 2 is more than half a meter. Thin hoop - 30 cm. (by air). In the mode "Only gold" sees only gold and old Soviet lids from kefir, which are extremely rare, tongues from beer cans.

Terminator 3 works from the crown, but it is better to use the battery under the crown at 9 volts. It will last for 8-9 hours of continuous search.

Where and how to look for a metal detector
I'm giving you a guarantee! Two years. If something happens to him during the warranty period, I will repair it for free! At the same time there is no red tape with papers. The devices are very reliable and to disable them almost unrealistically complying with the rules of use for any metal detector.

I check and test every device I can personally in the field. If something in the device does not suit me - I will not sell it to you, and be sure to bring everything to mind as it would do for myself. Reputation is important to me. I attach detailed instructions on the use and proper search to the devices.