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Metal detector to search for gold
In this article I want to tell you which metal detector to find gold is the best. We will consider metal detectors both underwater and ground. Let’s talk about factors such as b. metal detector or new I recommend buying. And a lot of interesting things. You will need 10-15 minutes to study the article, but you will decide on the model of your device.

To begin with, you have to understand what you want to dig. Beach gold or gold nuggets. Experience in finding beach gold on the beach I have a huge, but the search for gold nuggets has not yet happened. So you have to understand what the working frequency of a metal detector is.
Work frequency is the ability to capture small objects at great depths. The optimal frequency for finding beach gold is 15 kHz, for finding nuggets of 18 kHz and above.

Metal detector to find gold, which is better to choose?

The metal detector for the search for gold is chosen with such a consideration that you will not be able to dig them military finds. Since the working frequency is very bad catches large metal objects at great depth, so you will be very bad to dig the war. But here are small items, as nuggets, chains, crosses, rings, earrings and coins. Your metal detector will see very well.

Garrett has developed two interesting devices for this case Garrett AT PRO and AT GOLD.

AT PRO - this device is good for beach search, about it I wrote in the article underwater metal detector - the rating of the most popular models. This device runs at 15 kHz, it is waterproof. What makes it perfectly is not only a ground but also an underwater metal detector.

My friend has AT PRO, he actively uses it both on the beach and for the search for old coins. And I believe that this device is not expensive and it is worth its money.

You can buy B. U because to special damage in the device can not be, because they are very high-quality and not killed.

AT GOLD - I know very little about this device, because this model is not very popular in Ukraine. I know that it works at 18 kHz, which is high and is only suitable for finding gold nuggets that we don’t have. And it hurts small items he is looking for, less matchhead, which is not as convenient for the optimal search for gold and coins.

The shape and function is the same as at PRO.

Also one of the good metal detectors that can suit the search for gold and silver, it is Whites MX Sport. This model is new, the market does not meet it yet, but in some month it will appear in our market. You will be able to immerse this device under water, and its working frequency is 13.8 kHz, which will be very fine for finding gold on the beach and vintage coins.

Garrett ACE 250 How to look
If you want to look for gold at a depth of more than 3-5 meters, then you need a full-fledged submariner, like Minelab Excalibur ll about him I wrote here .

If we talk about the size of coils for the metal detector, it does not really matter what model you buy Nel or Mars. Or you can use the standard, modern metal detectors have a very large depth of target detection, so additional coils to increase depth are not necessary. Especially if your standard DD.