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Garrett ACE 250 How to look
Cheap American metal detector Garrett ACE 250. The price of The Garrett ACE 250 and the metal detector capabilities are so balanced that in Ukraine this detector has acquired the status of “people’s” and has long received its own name - “Aska”. Popularity is based on the real abilities of Garrett ACE 250, inexpensive metal detector price, practicality and ease of management, reliability and finds. And more so still finds.

With the Garrett ACE 250 metal detector, you’ll always be with the finds, and you’ll be confident in the reliability of your choice. How Garrett ACE 250 works, and how to start a search. Review at the Koper Metal Detectors Store.

Garrett ACE 250

Garrett ACE 250. Developed and manufactured in America by producer Gareth. Digital signal processing (processor, type of VLF scheme) capable of dividing metals into groups. Selective discrimination against metals, with inclusion or exclusion in an arbitrary manner. This method of cutting off metals allows Garrett ACE 250 to set up to find specific targets. For example, the search for coins (cutting off other finds that do not contain metals that are not found in coins). Or finding finds from a group of jewelry. Garrett ACE 250 has ready-made programmed search masks - search for antiquities (Historical Finds), search for coins (Coins), search for jewelry (Jewellery). Garrett ACE 250’s own user program. Lets you make your set of goals that you want to get feedback from Garrett ACE 250. Also in Garrett ACE 250 there is a mode All Metals, search with a metal detector with a response to all metals.
As the Garrett ACE 250 coil passes over the target, the metal detector gives an audible response. ACE 250 has three types of response (low, medium and high tone) that correspond to the value of the find. And even in All Metals mode, you’ll hear what type of find lies on the Garrett ACE 250 reel. Hear and see on the screen.

The Garrett ACE 250 screen is large and well-readable at arm’s length (it is at this distance that the metal detector is usually searched). A contrasting image that doesn’t fade into the direct sun. As the Garrett ACE 250 coil passes over the target, the metal detector screen highlights the group to which the target belongs. In Garrett ACE 250, all metals are divided into 12 groups that go in the iron-bronze-Gold-Nickel-Copper-Silver sequence. Any of these groups on can be included or excluded from the search. With the group included, the Garrett ACE 250 will beep and display a segment of the graphics scale on the screen. If a certain group of metals is turned off and the coil passes over such a target, the Garrett ACE 250 will “silence.” Additionally, garrett ACE 250 displays the current state and settings of the metal detector, depth to the target, battery charge level.

How to look with Garrett ACE 250

The best quality of the Garrett ACE 250 metal detector is its ease of operation. Garrett ACE 250 can be mastered in almost 15 minutes, and in a day of searching you will know everything about ACE 250. The search principle with Garrett ACE 250, corresponds to the classic search scheme with ground metal detectors.

Include Garrett ACE 250. At your chosen location for the search, include Garrett ACE 250, POWER button. The coil is lying on the ground. We lasted two seconds.

Garrett ACE 250 search mask. Choose a desirable search mask. All Metal, Jewellery, Customized, Relics, Coins In Gareth ACE 250 go consistently, and switch one BUTTON MODE.

Setting up the Garrett ACE 250 sensitivity. Adjustment, by de-building the sensitivity of the metal detector. For the beginnings it is necessary to put it in the position of “minus 2 divisions on the right.” Further, in the absence of interference, you can set the maximum value. When searching sites where there are disturbances (such as power lines), sensitivity can reduce the impact of these interferences on a shared search with a metal detector. Garrett ACE 250 SENSIVITY swing buttons are adjusted.

Search coil for homemade metal detector
Garrett ACE 250 is ready to search! In search with Garrett ACE 250, do not forget about the special feature Pinpointer. It will allow you to very accurately localize a small target, such as a coin. It works with the hold of the PINPOINT button, and when holding (slowly, slowly) over the target, Garrett ACE 250 will give the loudest possible signal and maximum graphic level on the metal detector screen.

Buy Garrett ACE 250 at the Koper store. Official sales of Metal Detectors Gareth in Ukraine. A large selection of reels for The Garrett ACE 250 and accessories for a cop with a metal detector. Guarantee, free delivery of Garrett ACE 250 in Ukraine, and a specific gift to your new metal detector. Good finds you.