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Search coil for homemade metal detector
Let’s start with the manufacture of the device, with which we will reel. We’re going to need a piece of board measuring at least 18 by 18 centimeters, nails and a cambrick. Nails should be so diameter that Cambriks, quite freely dressed on them.

On the board draw a circle with a diameter of 16 centimeters and in a circle we enter at least 16 nails evenly spreading them. Nails should stick out of the board at least two centimeters. We bite off the nails of the hat, put on the nails of Cambriks. The length of the Cambriks should be equal to or slightly longer than the length of the protruding nail. The device is ready.
As you understood the diameter of our coil - 16 cm. We will be a copper wire with a diameter of about 0.3 mm. Rewind to our device 80 turns of wire, then pull in 12 places the resulting coil with thick threads and remove it from the device. If you impregnate the coil with epoxy resin, the stability of the search generator frequency will increase and the coil will be protected from moisture.

The coil’s conclusions are about 4 cm long. When winding the turns should not be too tight, but also should not hang out. Tightly wrap the coil with one layer of tape, but so that the revolutions are not stretched. To do this, pre-small pieces of tape wrap the coil in eight places.

Now I need to make a screen for the coil, for this I use foil tapes from electrolytic capacitors. The foil should be rinsed with water from the electrolyte and dried. Wrap the coil with foil, leaving a gap in the area of the coil’s conclusions. The screen should not hang out on the coil. Fix the end of the screen with tape.

Take a piece of copper wire, about 0.5 mm in diameter, 125cm long. Remove the sandpaper with the lacquer coating and handle along the entire length. Then with this wire tightly wrap the coil on the screen, a step of about 1 cm, having previously left a conclusion of 12 cm long. Between the beginning and the end of the winding, it is necessary to leave a gap in the area of the coil’s conclusions.

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Now wrap the entire coil with two or three layers of tape. Cut out of the tin contact pad under the self-cutter and solder it to the conclusion of the screen coil. So we got a reel with three conclusions.