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If you live in Eupatoria and want to buy a metal detector then offer you a great opportunity to get such a desirable item of all treasure hunters - a metal detector. Visiting the store "Sea" which houses our branch of the company "The Investigator" you can get professional advice on metal detectors of different classes. See firsthand the entire range of metal detectors, hold the device in your hands. Explore all its characteristics and properties. And the most important thing is to buy a metal detector on the spot, without any pre-orders and deliveries.

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If you are not located in Eupatoria or just want to order a metal detector with delivery to Eupatoria, then this is quite feasible. We deliver with the fast mail courier service.
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You probably wanted to buy metal detectors in Eupatoria for a long time? Now it's pretty simple. Here on the site you can see all kinds of modern metal detectors. It's unpaved. Underwater. Deep. children's metal detectors. Also in our range there are georadars. magnetometers and gold diggers.

The very first search engine appeared in the 19th century. The precondition for the emergence of an intelligent metal detector was the need to define the ore horizons. Initially, the devices were quite voluminous and consumed a huge amount of energy. Their functionality was weak and the management very complex. All these reasons prevented large-scale industrial production of metal detectors. Therefore, metal detectors in Eupatoria were not used for civilian purposes in the 19th century.

To date, the situation has changed dramatically. If previously metal detectors were used exclusively for military and industrial purposes, now everyone can buy a metal detector in Eupatoria. Modern metal detectors are used for various search tasks: archaeological excavations, pipeline search, exploration of battle sites, search for treasure and ancient artifacts, coins and jewelry.

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Eupatoria is a city with a rich historical past. Eupatoria was founded by the ancient Greeks in the late 6th century BC. At the end of the 4th century BC, Kerkenitida came under the rule of the Khersones state. In the same century, walls and other defensive fortifications are being strengthened. 3rd century BC - the dawn of Kerkenitids. In addition to Kherson coins, the city mints its own coin. Further in the 2nd century the city is captured by Scythian nomadic tribes, and then others (Hazaras, Pechenegs, Huns, etc.). In 1475, after the capture of the Crimean coast by the Ottoman Turks, the fortress of Gezlev was erected in the city. In the 16th century AD Gezlev became a major outlet, and during the Anglo-Franco-Turkish wars Eupatoria was turned into a military base.

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