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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector Instruction

The ace 250 metal detector user's guide


In the new model ACE 250 RU all inscriptions are made in Russian language, measurements in centimeters, modes of operation adapted to search for jewelry and coins characteristic of the territory of Russia and Europe.

Thank you for choosing Garrett metal detectors!

Thank you for choosing the Garrett ACE 250 metal detector series ACE 250. This state-of-the-art metal detector has the ability to search at a sufficient depth and allows you to use all modern technologies, including Garrett's exclusive Graphic Target ID (graphic target mapping) technology that will transform yours Treasure hunt in an exciting and well-rewarded adventure.

All of our products have been behind the experience of extensive research and development for over 40 years, and this ensures that your Garrett ACE detector is a state-of-the-art device made in a time-keeping production.

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All ACE detectors are equipped with an elliptical search coil 6.5x9" PROformance, which has gained widespread acceptance among users. This sturdy, waterproof search coil covers a large area in one pass and allows you to detect valuables at sufficient depth.