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Finding scrap metal is not only a fun activity, but also profitable. On no one's necessary rubbish you can earn a large sum of money. The cost of black and non-ferrous metals on the market is growing, expanding the range of accepted scrap, reducing the requirements for its cutting, attracting an increasing number of enthusiasts-treasure hunters. Inexperienced newcomers, going in search of "wealth" with one shovel, risk being left empty-handed.

But few people approach it wisely.

First, we need to decide what we're looking for. At reception points you can hand over both valuable types of metals, and auto parts, scrap fittings and waste production. It should be taken into account that large pieces of metal do not lie just so in the open air. To find them, you need to pick up a metal detector. It is not necessary to buy expensive equipment, in our excavations it is possible to do quite budget models. The device will easily explore large areas and one large extraction will be able to fully recoup its cost.

Where to look for scrap metal?

At first glance, there are not many places where you can find scrap metal, but most of them have already been partially melted by locals or "competitors". In the search for still unexplored scrap deposits it is necessary to use logic. Given that since the soviet union there are many abandoned industrial facilities, bases, collective farms and other heritages of the once great power, it is better to start their search from there. You can study the history of the region, learn about the locations of old villages, mining mines, sawmills. If you still do not know where to start, how to look for scrap metal, where to dig, we have compiled a list of the most "profitable" places:

Around the fields. Tractors, trucks, combines and other powerful equipment, which once worked on the vast expanses of our homeland, left behind a deposit of broken parts. After repairing the unsuitable parts simply dumped in nearby bushes and ravines.

Territories of inactive landfills. disbanded military units. In places where shooting ranges or military exercises were held, you can find a lot of metal targets, imitations, shell casings from a large-caliber gun made of colored metal.

Abandoned collective farms, farms, warehouses and hangars. At one time there was stored and repaired various equipment, cars or even airplanes. Unnecessary parts fell down near the boxes. Finding such a treasure, you can collect up to a few tons of black metal.

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Forest. It is worth considering that on the site of a dense forest, once there were collective farm fields, villages, forges or sawmills. With the help of a metal detector you can find large parts from heavy machinery, and a whole abandoned tractor or truck. For the surrender of several tons of metal you will get up to a couple of hundred thousand rubles.

Swamps, lakes and other water spaces. Finding scrap metal deposits in the water is quite simple, but getting them from there is not an easy task. It will require a powerful equipment for loading and removal, equipment and specially trained people. If you have none of this but enthusiasm, then you can arm yourself with a search magnet and try to catch small items from the bottom.

Despite the apparent complexity, collecting scrap metal is a fairly simple and exciting process. Developing routes, exploring the terrain and abandoned objects can feel like a real "treasure hunter."

It is possible that such a hobby will grow into a basic means of earning. With a serious approach, you can get from a thousand to several hundred thousand rubles a day.