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How to make a simple metal detector with your own hands; step-by-step instruction
No one should explain what a metal detector is. This device is expensive, and some models are very decent.

However, you can make a metal detector with your own hands at home. And you can not only save thousands of rubles on its purchase, but also get rich by finding a treasure. Let's talk about the device itself and try to understand what's in it and how.

Step-by-step instruction on assembling a simple metal detector

In this detailed instruction, we will show how you can assemble with your own hands the simplest metal detector from improvised means. We will need: a regular plastic cd box, a portable AM or AM/FM radio, a calculator, a VELCRO-type contact tape( Velcro. So let's get going!

Step 1. Disassemble the case of the CD CD box. Carefully disassemble the case of the plastic CD box by removing the insert that keeps the disc in place.
STEP 1. Removing plastic inserts from the sidibox

Step 2. Cut off 2 strips of Velcro. Measure the area in the center of the back of your radio. Then cut out 2 pieces of Velcro of the same size.

STEP 2.1. Measure approximately in the middle of the area on the back of the radio (highlighted in red) STEP 2.2. Cut out 2 Velcro of the appropriate size, measured in step 2.1

Step 3. Fix the radio. Attach the sticky side of one Velcro to the back of the radio and the second to one of the inside sofa of the CD box. Then attach the radio to the body of the plastic CD box "sticky to Velcro."

STEP 3.1. Stick one Velcro on the back of the radio STEP 3.2. Stick the second Velcro on the middle of one of the sides of the sidibox STEP 3.3. Attach the radio to the inside of the sidibox

Step 4. Fix the calculator. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the calculator, but apply Velcro on the other side of the CD box. Then secure the calculator on this side of the box with the standard Sticky to Velcro method.

STEP 4. Fix the calculator on the other inside of the sidibox.

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Step 5. Set up the radio range. Turn on the radio and make sure it's tuned to the AM range. Now set it up at the end of the AM range, but not on the radio station itself. Turn up the volume. You should only hear the disturbances.

STEP 5. Set up the radio at the end of the AM range

If there is a radio station that is at the very end of the AM range, try to get to it as close as possible. At the same time, you should hear only one disturbance!

Step 6. Roll up the CD box. Turn on the calculator. Start swerving the side of the calculator box towards the radio until you hear a loud beep. This beep signals to us that the radio has caught an electromagnetic wave from the calculator's electrical circuit.

STEP 6. Turn the sides of the CD box to each other until a characteristic loud signal is heard

Step 7. Bring the assembled device to a metal object. Open again the folds of the plastic box so that the sound we heard on step 6 could barely be heard. Then start moving the box with your radio and calculator close to the metal object and you will hear a loud sound again. This speaks to the proper operation of our simplest metal detector.

STEP 7. We bring our metal detector to the metal fork to check the work.