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Garrett GTI 2500 with GTI Graphic Target Imaging review
Garrett GTI 2500 - This metal detector knows exactly where the garbage is and where the treasure is. The main feature of the device is captured in the abbreviation of the model name: the graphic Target Imaging feature gives the user the exact size and depth of the detected object. You will distinguish a valuable coin and gold jewelry from garbage in appearance without having to dig it up. The information is displayed on the screen in the form of an understandable table.
Garrett GTI 2500 operates in five modes: zero, Custom, Coins, Jewelry, Relics. Discrimination has 24 levels of customization. Sensitivity adjustment is available, the ground balance is set manually or automatically. The sound is adjustable by volume, you can change the tone and adjust the threshold noise.

The coil is a concentric 9.5″ with a frequency of 7.2 kHz. If you buy a deep nozzle to the metal detector - the depth of detection will increase from 40 centimeters to three meters. The screen is large with built-in lighting. Powered by eight AA batteries, enough for 20 hours of operation.
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