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Comparison of Garrett AT PRO metal detectors and Minelab Safari
Ground metal detectors in the same category mostly have a similar set of functions and similar search capabilities, but in practice search results may differ depending on the experience of the tracker, the accuracy of the settings of the device and the optimal choice of toolkit for specific search conditions. Garrett AT PRO and Minelab Safari professional recall detectors have similar functionality and are used for the same situations, namely for the search for coins, treasures, relics, jewelry on the beach and shallow water, conditions of high humidity near reservoirs, and used by professional geologists for reconnaissance work.
The main pros and cons of the Garrett AT PRO and Minelab Safari metal detector
Design. Each device has its own design features, although the size and overall structure are quite similar. Unlike the Garrett AT PRO metal detector Minelab Safari has the ability to hide the cord connecting the coil with the control unit, inside the barbell, which is certainly very convenient in the field, as the wire does not cling to the branches during scanning. In addition, Minelab engineers have developed a smooth height adjustment of the barbell, which can be quickly used right in the search process by pressing your foot on the coil. This is very useful in the conditions of the bumpy terrain and on the vegetation-covered areas, when the distance to the ground is sharp and often changes. Garrett AT PRO also allows you to adjust the height of the barbell, but for this every time you have to rewind the cord.

The Garrett AT PRO metal detector control unit, in addition to the main control buttons and monitor, has a power compartment, while Minelab Safari uses a rod for the location of the batteries, which is therefore extended at the top. In addition, the latter requires twice as much power (battery or battery) to run smoothly in the amount of eight pieces, while Garrett only needs four. Another difference is the location of the headphone jack: Garrett has it on the control unit, and Minelab also has a barbell. The armrests of the devices have a different design, but boast of convenience can not both options, but the foam lining on the handle of the rod at the metal detector AT PRO is much more convenient, as it has rifling and rests at both ends, which further prevents Sliding.

The search coils are the same size - 11 inches, but different in shape: Garrett AT PRO is equipped with an elliptical sensor, and Minelab Safari has a round coil. The detection depth of both sensors is roughly the same, but the Garrett coil is lighter in weight and better separates the close-range targets, and Minelab has a higher survey speed and sees a little deeper than its counterpart, which is achieved by form of the scanned soil. In addition, Minelab Safari has a special coil protection that protects the sensor from scratches and chipped, which can affect the quality of the scan and the appearance of phantom signals in the event of moisture in the damaged coil sites.
Basic functionality and search settings. Unlike the single-frequency Garrett, the Minelab Safari metal detector is a multi-frequency instrument that can run in the range of 1.5 to 100 kHz, which provides a wider coverage of search targets, and AT PRO is sharpened for small purposes, and demonstrates high sensitivity on mineralized areas. The search engine can use several pre-installed programs in both devices, but the number of such modes is different: Garrett AT PRO has six search options, and Minelab Safari has only four, but the latter has an advantage in setting the balance of the soil, having manual mode in addition to automatic.

The rest of the functionality of both metal detectors is identical, and the final choice is always up to the user according to his preferences.
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