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Garrett Ace150 pros and cons
The Garrett Ace150 metal detector is one of the most popular devices among novice diggers. Let’s try to highlight all the pros and cons of this metal detector. So let’s list the main advantages of Garrett Ace 150:.
Availability. The device is one of the cheapest among quality metal detectors.
Easy. 3 buttons, as many search programs, simple discrimination.
High quality and reliability.
Items of common format (AA).
Long working hours.
A little weight.
Easy to assemble.
Waterproof coil.
A large range of coils, covers and other accessories and spare parts.
It’s easy to sell a used device.

That seems to be all the obvious advantages of this metal detector, although maybe I forgot to mention something. Now let’s list the drawbacks:

Primitive discrimination. Although relatively accurate.
There is no volume control.
A small number of search programs.
There is no way to create and use your program.
Relatively small depth of search.
No PinPoint feature.

In general, all the disadvantages can be combined into one - weak functionality. But given the relatively low cost and excellent quality of the Garrett Ace 150, the listed flaws are rather quibbles. In the older models of this series, most of these cons are missing.

Garrett Ace 150 has been and remains one of the best metal detectors in its price segment. This device is great for beginners, and is also ideal for beach cop or scrap metal. It is also good for finding coins and valuables on non-littered areas, but with a significant amount of garbage is better suitable device with more advanced discrimination.
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