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Gold test Nokta Simplex vs XP Deus and Minelab Safari
I don’t know who the genius who came up with the comparison of Nokta Simplex and XP Deus. Detectors are clearly in different categories. Agree […]
F75 with the new Digital Shield Technology review
Fisher F75 - Easy to master, efficient and reliable metal detector. 11″ DD coil with 13 kHz running frequency. The device is not designed to[…]
What is the difference between the Garret Ace 350 Garret Euro Ace
What is the difference between the Garret Ace 350 (Garret Euro Ace) detector and its predecessors? Garrett Ace 350 (Garret Euro Ace) metal detector is  […]
Nokta Simplex vs XP Deus and Minelab Equinox Treasure test
More coins, better signal? No, of course not. Under certain conditions, a treasure trove of coins can yield a confident… black response. Not all diggers […]
metal detecting with Minelab Go-Find 20 at a local beach Review
Minelab GO-FIND 20 - As well as the older model GO-FIND 40 - already mentioned in the category of devices for beginners - the younger […]
Comparison of Whites Coinmaster and Garrett ACE 250 metal detectors
No matter how many manufacturers of metal detectors do not offer new products and new product line, invariably the most popular detector according to the[…]
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