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F75 with the new Digital Shield Technology review
Fisher F75 - Easy to master, efficient and reliable metal detector. 11″ DD coil with 13 kHz running frequency. The device is not designed to be searched in water, but the coil is protected from water. Weight 1.6 kilograms, the length of the rod is regulated from 110 to 133 centimeters.
Three modes of operation: Dynamic All Metal, Static All Metal and Discrimination. Dynamic works at maximum depth, static will be useful for finding large items. Discrimination has 65 levels of customization, the Notch feature allows you to selectively ignore unnecessary range. The sensitivity of the work, the tone and volume of the sound are regulated. All Metal is set up for the threshold sound and ground balance. There’s a Pin-Point feature.

The screen is illuminated. In addition to the standard parameters, it displays the confidence indicator of the find and the Fe3O4 scale, which informs about the degree of soil mineralization. The metal detector is powered by four AA batteries, which will last 30 hours of operation. There is a 1/4 access to the headphones.