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Garrett ATX with the optional 20x15 Deepseeker Monoloop Coil review
Garrett ATX - Metal detector in the style of militarism, built on the basis of a mine detector, will become a reliable tool for a professional in search of any kind of soil. Electronics is based on pulse-induction technology, effective in finding gold at great depths, even in water, but sensitive to electrical interference. In one second, the device releases 730 pulses at a frequency of 18-19 kHz. Included are Garrett Deluxe headphones and a 12″ DD coil that rotates to the side at 90 degrees. The sturdy rod of the progressive design is compactly folded for transportation and adjusted for a length of 51 to 172. Weight 2.5 kilograms. The detector will withstand a dive to a depth of three meters.
Garrett ATX operates in two modes: dynamic and static. Dynamic requires constant movement of the coil, works steadily with complex soil, does not emit unnecessary signals, as the detector itself regulates threshold noise. The static mode is more sensitive and defines metals at greater depth. The discrimination setting has 25 levels of customization, sensitivity - 13. The balance of the ground and threshold noise are manually or automatically regulated. There’s Pin-Point.

The usual LCD screen does not have, instead of it LED LEDs. The keys are multifunctional. There is a battery power indicator. Powered by eight AA batteries or batteries. The charge is enough for 16 hours of work.
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