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Garrett ACE 250 non-standard metal detector
The Garrett ACE 250 is the most popular and sought-after search engine among treasure hunters. Its main trump card is reliability, proven over many years of use, and versatility and excellent adaptation to any search conditions have snarea huge audience of adherents of this brand. Usually the standard set includes a typical coil, suitable for most search tasks, but for the efficiency of search and expansion of the capabilities of the metal detector is recommended to have in your arsenal a few coils, or choose when buying kit with a more powerful reel.
The most popular brands of search coils are Mars, NEL and Detech. Ukrainian manufacturer ArsMD specializes in coils to brands of well-known brands of metal detectors, so it is very easy to pick up the right option. Almost all Mars coils are suitable for the Garrett ACE 250, but the most popular replacement for the standard sensor is the Mars Tiger. This is an elliptical DD coil measuring 25.5×33 cm, which will become a great alternative staff reel, because it has a greater depth of detection and perfectly separates the targets.

A large Mars Goliaf coil with a diameter of 38 centimeters is perfect for searching for military relics, as well as pre-examination of large areas. It easily finds large items and saves a lot of time when searching in open areas. Another model mars Discovery round shape and diameter of 33 cm can be a worthy alternative to the regular coil, as its depth and coverage far exceed scan. Such sets of Mars coils and Garrett ACE 250 metal detectors are quite common and are often offered in online stores.

The second most polarised brand of additional search coils are NEL sensors. A whole line of coils of different sizes and configurations has been developed for the Garrett series metal detectors. The leader among these models is the NEL Tornado reel, which turns the budget Garrett ACE 250 for novice treasure hunters into a powerful device for advanced users. It has a DD shape, increased detection depth and a size of 32.5×35 cm, allowing it to be applied to any search conditions. The NEL Storm reel is slightly larger - 33×36 cm gives a depth increase of almost 40%, which is relevant to the search for more ancient relics.

To survey sites heavily littered with metal it is better to choose a DeTech coil. The most versatile version is the elliptical DD-coil DeTech Excelerator measuring 25×35 cm, which gives height in depth and increases selectivity due to its shape. Choosing such a kit, the search engine gets the opportunity of a more expensive advanced metal detector, while saving money. But you can not stop there, because among the reels of DeTech there are innovative developments - it’s reel series SEF, which surpass the standard concentric coils, and COILs Type DD.
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