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The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is a waterproof detector designed for dirt and underwater search. The device is equipped with the latest search technology and is perfect for any kind of search, whether relics, coins or gold jewelry. Due to its protective properties, Garrett AT Pro can operate in the most extreme conditions, such as high dust, humidity or rocky soil, and sink under water to a depth of up to three meters.
The Garrett AT Pro design is as simple and reliable as all Garrett metal detectors, which have proven their durability and durability through years of trouble-free operation.

The three-section rod, connected by spring buttons and holes, allows you to collect and disassemble the device very quickly. All parts are easily adjustable, creating a comfortable search environment. The control unit is equipped with a system of sealing pads that protect the power elements about moisture, all connections are also sealed.

The Garrett At Pro metal detector runs at a fairly high frequency of 15 kHz, allowing you to find the smallest targets. The audio signal received from the coil is more crisp and is instantly processed by the processor without distortion. A digital discriminator helps identify targets not only by sound, but also by digital values. To search on highly mineralized areas of soil provided two types of ground settings - manual and automatic. The detector introduces pinPoint target location, which is particularly accurate.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review & Depth Test.
The device includes an elliptical DD-type coil measuring 21.5×26.5 cm (8.5×11 inches), which is specially designed for underwater search. The sturdy airtight coil body is not afraid of blows and damage, and does not require additional protection. Also included are Garrett branded headphones with an airtight stool, but they are not designed for underwater search. In order to go under the water along with headphones is to additionally buy waterproof headphones.

Garrett At Pro has six pre-installed search modes in its arsenal. Three standard: zero (all metals), Coins (coins) and Custom (custom) and three professional when choosing pro keys. To switch the search engine is enough to choose among these modes the most suitable and start searching. The user can also use Iron Audio to ignore iron, which disables the beep when black metal objects are detected.

The Garrett At Pro metal detector entered the search engine market in 2010, and has since remained one of the best and most affordable submariners in its class. The searchers repeatedly tested the device in the field, receiving impressive search results. Approximately the metal detector shows such detection values by depth.
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