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Garrett ACE 400i Detector Assembly Basic Controls Target Information Review
Garrett ACE 400i - This model completes the Garrett ACE series. The top-of-the-range device comes with volume-adjusted headphones and an 8.5×10″ DD coil with a working frequency of 10 kHz. There is also a protective lining on the coil and a case for the control unit. The weight of the device is 1.32 kilograms, the rod is adjustable by a length of 106 to 129 centimeters.
The metal detector has five modes of operation: All Metal, custom customizable, Coins for coins, Jewelry for jewelry, Relics brings out bronze, lead and copper. Discrimination can be set up manually. There are 8 levels of sensitivity, Pin-Point is present. The excavation from the ground is automatic.

The Iron Audio function lets the user aware of the type of object detected by sound. The tone changes depending on the metal, whether it’s an iron nail, a copper coin or a gold ring - it will be different. The unbacked screen displays current mode of operation, sensitivity, Target ID, depth indicator and battery charge. Four AA batteries will last for 20 hours.
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