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Garrett ACE 150
The legendary ACE 250, is one of the most popular devices. At a relatively affordable price, the Garrett 150 has the necessary functionality and allows you to successfully search for coins and other valuables. The device is positioned as an entry-level metal detector, designed primarily for beginners. But even experienced diggers often use the Garrett ACE 150 metal detector as a second device. Why is Garrett 150 so popular and what virtues does he have? Let’s try to answer these questions.

Features Garrett ACE 150

Let’s start with the main advantages that the Garrett ACE 150 metal detector has:

The quality
Affordable price
Good performance
A large selection of extra coils, etc.

The device is manufactured by the famous American company Garrett, which is due to its high quality. The price of the Garrett ACE 150 metal detector compared to other devices is quite low - 12-13 thousand rubles (April 2015). At the same time, the characteristics of the Garrett ACE 150 are only slightly worse than those of more expensive devices. But by installing an additional coil, such as a larger diameter, you can achieve a significant increase in detection depth.

There are few downsides to Garrett ACE 150, except for inaccurate discrimination, lack of pinpoint, a small number of settings. But inaccurate discrimination suffer and expensive models, pinpoint often just do not need, as well as additional settings. It is in the absence of pinpoint and additional settings is the main difference Garrett ACE 150 from Garrett ACE 250, which are generally very similar (they even have the same coils).

The device has all the necessary functions for the novice treasure hunter. It’s incredibly easy to master, with only 3 buttons on the panel and the simplest display. But despite this, Garrett ACE 150, reviews of which speak about the high quality of the device, will try yourself in the role of treasure hunter and decide whether this activity is suitable for you or not.
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