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Features with Garrett ACE 150/250 metal detector
The Garrett ACE 150 and Garrett ACE 250 metal detectors have been the most popular entry-level devices for several years. They are so simple that even a child can use them. However, even ACE 150 allows you to successfully find valuable items underground: coins, jewelry, icons and more. Of course, most of the finds will consist of bottle corks, aluminum wire, rusty iron and other useless items. But even owners of devices costing. regularly dug up this garbage. In this article, let’s look at the Garrett ACE 150/250 search technique, which will allow you to dig a minimum of debris without missing valuable finds.

“The Right” metal detector with Garrett ACE 150/250

Many diggers advise after buying a new metal detector (no matter what) the first time to dig all the signals. Yes, you will dig up mountains of garbage, but at the same time learn to “feel” your device. And Garrett’s cheapest metal detectors are no exception. Devices though the simplest, but require experience and skill. This advice is especially relevant for beginners who have taken up the device for the first time.

Another point: having practiced on “all metals”, many begin to dig only “colored” signals, weeding out frank worm and signals with unclear discrimination: jumping in the entire range of the scale, including iron. This is a mistake, because behind such “jumping” signals can hide interesting finds, including coins. This is especially noticeable when the coin lies deep, at the limit of the search coil. In this case, the signal is fuzzy and often breaks down into iron. Such controversial signals should be dug necessarily, otherwise you can miss a lot of interesting things.

And a little advice: digging is much more convenient with headphones. So you can adjust the volume, do not miss interesting signals and save battery life. Read more about connecting headphones (any) to the metal detector in this article.

Search technique

How to search and dig with a metal detector and so many know, but it does not hurt to clarify a few points:.
The device reacts to the metal only in motion. Slowly bringing the coil to the metal object you will not hear the signal, but it is necessary to move the object or coil, as the signal immediately appears. Therefore, to search for items you need to swing the device intensively, and not just walk with it.

Try not to miss the plots. Choose the speed of your own movement and flaps of the coil so that after you did not have unbroken areas.

Keep the coil as close to the ground as possible. This will increase the depth of the search.

If an interesting signal is detected, you need to identify its center. At 250 Asse and more expensive appliances, this is done with the help of pinpointer function. On ACE 150 and other devices without pinpointer enough swings coil cross-cross. With minimal skill, the signal center is determined in a couple of seconds.

Pay attention to the nature of the signal. If the signal is clear point when swinging criss-cross, then under the coil, most likely, there is a small object, often the correct shape: coin, cork, button, etc. If the signal “splits”, gives as if echoing, in general fuzzy, then under the coil or a large object, or a medium-sized, irregularly shaped object: crumpled tin can, wire, bent nail and similar items. But even among them can come across valuable and interesting: chains, icons, crosses. Therefore, you should not ignore such signals.

Digging a signal try not to damage the find. Beginners are better to dig a hole wider, more experienced, with the exact definition of the center of the goal, you can and less. Having dug the top layer of the earth you need to immediately call it a metal detector and a hole, which was formed as a result. If the find in the dug-out layer - break it into a few pieces and call each under the coil of the device. Over time, you will learn how to quickly find objects in this way. To do it even faster - it is worth buying pinpointer.

We have listed the main points that are worth paying attention to the novice treasure hunter. It seems that everything is obvious, but many newcomers make mistakes, because of which they are left without interesting finds and lose interest in the device search. Be prepared for the fact that before you find your first coin, you will dig up a whole mountain of wire, corks, cans and other garbage. It is ok.
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