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Comparison of Minelab X-Terra metal detector models
Models of the Minelab X-Terra series of metal detectors are among the most sought-after search devices among treasure hunters of different levels. Three modifications of these detectors: the two-frequency Minelab X-Terra 305 and two 3-frequency X-Terra 505 and 705, cover almost all the needs of both novice users and professional search engines. All three metal detectors are made using advanced vFLEX digital technology, which allows you to recover from the electrical interference that was present in the old analog detectors. Signals from the finds enter the microprocessor and are converted into digital information, which is further analyzed and displayed on the monitor in the form of digital and visual indicators that provide comprehensive information about the detected object.
The Minelab X-Terra 305 metal detector has two working frequencies that depend on the type of coil used. Low frequency allows the detector to penetrate deeper into the soil, and high - better to recognize small objects. The standard 9-inch mono-coil is included, but you can pick up an additional one of Minelab’s six coils for this model. The device has a manual setting of the balance of the ground in the range of 0 to 20, which allows you to work on sites with highly mineralized soil. The discrimination scale has 12 segments where the first refers to black metals and the rest to color. The user can create two customized search programs and save them, and when replacing the batteries, the settings in the detector are saved.

Minelab X-TERRA 305/505/705 Metal Detector Basics

The more powerful Metal Detector Minelab X-Terra 505 has increased sensitivity, improved ground development and works at three frequencies. Included is an advanced larger DD-type coil. The discrimination scale has been expanded by 7 segments, and the discrimination step is smaller than the X-Terra 305. The number of sound tones is greater and the multi-ton mode is more complex. The flagship of the line is the minelab X-Terra 705, which is designed for experienced treasure hunters. The device has the highest sensitivity, a wide range of discrimination, excellent sound effects and illumination of the display. All this expands the capabilities of the metal detector and increases the depth of detection of targets. In addition, this model has a feature to search for gold nuggets and added Iron Mask mode to improve the work on heavily littered areas.

All three X-Terra metal detectors have a fast All-metal search key, PinPoint mode to pin the exact location of the target, and an indicator of the depth of the detected object. All the characteristics of the X-Terra series metal detectors are combined into a single table.
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