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Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector Review
Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 - A simple and functional metal detector. It is equipped with a concentric 8″ coil with a working frequency of 6.7 kHz. With it you can find coins, jewelry and artifacts. The device weighs 1,134 kg, the rod is disassembled into 2 parts.
Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 works in All Metal and Discrimination modes. The latter consistently excludes the detection of garbage metals. Notch allows you to selectively ignore unnecessary metal groups. If the detector reacts to an unwanted metal, click the zap button, the category of this metal will no longer be determined. Sensitivity has 5 levels of customization. The screen shows the depth of the coin and the battery charge. The device works 20 hours from two 9 B crowns. There is a 1/4″ headphone jack.
Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 review
Coins are a favorite object of search for treasure hunters, as it is the most common value in the bowels of our land. In addition […]
How to Use the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector
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