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Coins are a favorite object of search for treasure hunters, as it is the most common value in the bowels of our land. In addition, they are easy to store, sell or exchange, and some search engines themselves become collectors of old coins, because it is very entertaining - to study history through the study of currency. Almost any metal detector is suitable for finding coins, but for a more effective result it is still worth trusting the device with the characteristics most suitable for coin search.
Among entry-level metal detectors, the most expensive Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 is considered to be the most appropriate choice for finding coins. The main advantage of the device is a great discriminator with five programs, which is very important for coin search. The detector allows you to set up the cutting off of unwanted objects, in different ways: either in all metals mode or using the NOTCH regime for selective ignoring. It’s very convenient to use the zap button for this purpose, which immediately blocks an unnecessary signal.

The device has a 9-segment target identification, the type of which can be easily determined by analyzing the values on the monitor. In addition, the metal detector has a five-segment gradation of the depth of the object, which is issued in inches. The most accurate depth indicators the device gives it for items the size of a coin, for large objects these indicators are approximate. The sensitivity of the detector can also be adjusted so that the search in any conditions was as efficient as possible, and the depth of detection - optimal.

In addition to visual information, the device has a sonic multi-ton identification. The height of the sound depends on the conductivity of the target, the greater it is, the higher the beep.

The lowest tone have iron and steel objects, slightly above the signal can reflect small coins and small particles of gold, the average tone confidently reflect modern coins, the highest tone can have vintage gold or silver coins. A four-ton signal gradation allows you to identify objects even without analyzing the information on the screen, although combining these two sources can achieve great results.

All Bounty Hunter metal detectors are as easy to master, easy to use and reliable as possible. Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 meets all these qualities, and this is a number of reasons why this device is chosen by both beginners and experienced coin seekers. Light weight is a big advantage of the metal detector, and it plays in its favor, because the transportation of search equipment is also very important. Also, this quality allows you to use a metal detector for children and excellent fans of the search for coins.
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