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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Demonstration and How To Operate Review
Bounty Hunter Tracker IV - Budget apparatus for the search for coins, jewelry and military artifacts. Easy to work with and reliable. It weighs 1.35 kilograms and is 134 centimetres long. It is equipped with an 8″ mono coil with a frequency of 6.6 kHz.
The metal detector received an arrow screen that displayed the type of metal detected and the battery charge. There are two control handles here: sensitivity and range of discrimination. The three-position switch is responsible for three work programs: All Metal, Discrimination and Tone Discrimination. The last mode is needed to find coins. The detector ignores the iron, gives an intermittent short signal to aluminum debris, a low tone on nickel, high on other valuable metals. The balance of the ground is automatic. There is a 1/4″ input to connect the headphones. The device is powered by two 9 B crowns.
Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 review
Coins are a favorite object of search for treasure hunters, as it is the most common value in the bowels of our land. In addition […]
How to Use the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector
Bounty Hunter Junior - The model with a shortened barbell is adapted for use by children from the age of six, will be an interesting […]