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Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector discrimination
The Minelab X-Terra 705 is one of the best semi-professional detectors to date. It is absolutely worth its money, as the number of finds raised X-Terra 705 far exceeds the average number of valuables found by devices of the same class. Three working frequencies give a wide range of defined finds and allows you to detect from the smallest scales to large treasures lying at great depth. Also, the device allows you to conduct searches on beaches and shallow water.
An important characteristic of any detector is its level of discrimination, allowing to distinguish metals. The more segments on the discounter scale, the more accurate the metal detector is set up to ignore unnecessary targets. The Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector has 28 segments of discrimination ranging from -4 to 48 and step equal to number 4. To search effectively, check out these metrics in more detail. Focusing on the beep and comparing it with the indicators of discrimination can make the search with a metal detector as effective as possible.

On the X-Terra 705 metal detector scale, four segments ranging from -8 to -2 are assigned to the metal detector scale, and the remaining 24 segments with intervals of 2 to 48 are assigned to the color target. So you can cut off all the black metal at once and focus on the signals that give higher performance. The highest value of discrimination VDI 44 shows copper, for example, comparing it with the high tone of the detector can raise two, three and five-penny coins from the period of Tsarist Russia, dating back to the 19th century. However, as for copper heels, it is necessary to pay attention, in the case of a shallow liedown, the detector can show “overload”, which will mean a large metal object.

The value of 40 indicates aluminium targets, but this range can also include oxidized cast iron. Silver coins show the number of VDI 36, but the same figure sometimes falls corks from bottles. Values 30-32 give modern types of wire. Soviet-era coins produce a fairly low sound and show the number of VDI at 24-28. The same signal can be issued by crosses, folds, icons and other church metal plastics. Usually these things were made from a variety of alloys of bronze, copper and other metals. Sometimes the signal level from such items drops to 20. Gold products and coins emit a very ringing signal, and the parameters of discrimination at the same time are 4-8-12.

Minelab xterra 705 setup and tips read description for more info

Discrimination settings can be maintained with a mask, with four of these masks in minelab X-Terra 705. For those who do not like to tinker with the settings and pay little attention to the performance of the device, it is enough to set the level of sensitivity of the metal detector in the range of 25-27 and use the polyphony mode. Through the headphones the signal is more clear, so do not neglect them. But still combining sound indicators with visual parameters of the detector can be achieved from Minelab X-Terra 705 incredible results that put this device on a par with professional metal detectors.
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