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Check Minelab number
In this article we will tell how to check the originality of your metal detector Minelab.
So let's look at everything in steps.
Where to check the Minelab metal detector number?
Metal detector Minelab is checked for originality by serial number on the manufacturer's website (and only). Here's Minilab's official website:
Please note that the site has a Level 2 domain. That's the right address!

Coming to this site, we see this picture.
minelab serial number check
Next, we'll write it all down.
Step-1 minelab check
Choose from the top Customer Care menu. And then in the drop-down menu option - Product Warranty (pictured is indicated by a arrow).
minelab serial number check
Step-2 minelab check
Next, in the next menu, choose Warranty Registration (the picture is indicated by the arrow). It is at registration that Minelab confirms the authenticity of the metal detector.
minelab serial number check
Step-3 minelab check
On the 3rd step of the check, we get to the window with the next form.
minelab serial number check
Here it should be filled out, as shown in the example below:.
minelab serial number check
Please note that this is the stage when we enter the serial number of the Minelab metal detector, which we want to check. This window is the most important information on which the result of the check will depend.

We entered the serial number of the X-Terra 705 metal detector.
(This version of the check doesn't ask for a metal detector model.

Step-4 Minelab check
Next, we fill in the following form, as shown in the example (see picture below).
minelab serial number check
There is no particularly important information here. But it is necessary to fill the fields marked with an asterisk.

Step-5 minelab check
In the next step we have a new form, which we also fill out.
minelab serial number check
Mostly here are the statistics. But there is a test that you are not a robot. It must be passed by clicking on the check box.

Step-6 is the result of Minelab authentication
Step 6 is the last in our test. On it we get the result of it.
In case we have passed the test successfully and our metal detector Minelab original, we will get this message.
minelab serial number check
And in case we don't have an original metal detector, the message will look like:.
minelab serial number check
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