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How to make dough for fishing recipes and ingredients
The dough is a pretty catchy nozzle, especially on fishing in cold water.

Naturally, it does not always work, and more often fish prefers animal nozzles, such as worm, maggot and moth, but it happens that the dough is more catchy, because much depends on the preferences of fish in a particular body of water.

The pros and cons of the test as bait

In the water, around the dough formed a mud, which is noticeable to the fish visually and by smell.

You can change the size of the dough on the hook, adjusting it to the size of the fish.

You can easily add different flavors, and test one or another smell and taste of the dough.

Prepare the dough faster than to dig up the worms, and cheaper than to buy a moth or a maggot.

In the dough can be added dyes that can positively affect the cool, or negative)

The dough can fly off the hook when thrown, and it is quickly knocked down by a small fish. In this case, you need to make a thicker dough.

In hot weather, the dough quickly deteriorates, and it is enough for only a couple of hours.

Types of dough depending on how you cook

By the way of cooking, the fishing dough is divided into three types:

Raw dough - kneaded on water.

Boiled - ready-made balls are boiled, they become more floating and rigid.

Steamed in a water bath - well held on the hook.

Flour fishing dough

The recipe for flour dough is the easiest to prepare. Wheat flour, rye and corn flour will be suitable for it. Just take the flour, gradually add water, gradually stir.

You can also add egg yolk to the dough, which will make it more sticky and odorous.

The consistency should be quite thick so that the dough does not fly off the hook during casting. We advise you to take a hundred fishing more and a little flour, in case of what to add to the dough more flour, making it thicker.

To give the dough a better smell, you can add different flavors and flavorings, for example:

Anise drops;

A secret recipe for dough that’s hard to knock down

To the dough firmly sat on the hook, and the trifle could not knock it down, you need to add a little cotton wool. Cotton, as it were, reinforces our dough with its cotton fibers, making it stronger and less soluble.

Another version of a strong dough - to prepare balls and just dip them for 10 seconds in boiling water. The surface of the balls will get stronger, and they will be better to stay on the hook.

Dough with butter

Dough with a swarmAs you know, sunflower, or ground seeds, very much like such fish as carp, carp, roach, bream, and this should be used, adding ground-cream to the dough.
The dough should be thick, and the amount of ground pinch podireit experimentally. Add the oil directly on the fishing trip.

Not bad analogues of this recipe are the addition of unrefined sunflower oil or anise oil, which also have an attractive fish flavor. But you need to add a minimum, as too strong flavor can simply scare off the fish.

You can also try to knead the dough not on the usual water, but on the juice from canned corn.

Recipe of fishy dough garlic

To the usual dough is added garlic juice or small crushed garlic. This smell attracts a large fish, such as mature bream and large carp, but small fish it is not to taste, apparently in fish, as in people change taste preferences with age.

Dough with potatoes

Potatoes are suitable for catching carp and carp, but in the usual form it is not used, as it is poorly held on the hook, because for viscosity it is added to the dough. Add the crushed boiled potatoes to a thick dough at a ratio of 1:3, where most of it is dough, or experiment yourself.

Mannous dough with potatoes

This is a more gooey version of the previous recipe. On dry mix wheat flour and manka, mix with water, wait for 10 minutes, and add boiled potatoes. Balls on the hook cook already on the fishing. If the dough turns out to be too liquid add the flour.

Manka dough

Mannous dough is the most common in the everyday life of fishermen, and most likely deservedly, for good catchon on carp.

Hot cooking of bait dough, recipe

Add four parts of water to the two parts of the decoy.

Heat and stirring to bring to the boil stirring

Cook for about 30 seconds over a very low heat.

Remove from heat and cool.

If desired, you can add dry decoy and flavors:

vegetable oil, anise, vanilla, honey.
Cold preparation of semolina dough
Place the decoy in a bag and under a stream of water, knead the bag until the decoy in it sticks together. Add flavors to your past, just like in the past recipe. The semolina dough should be stored in a plastic bag.

To increase the usability, a large syringe is taken, the piston is removed, stuffed with a semolina bolt, the piston is put back in place, and the spout of the syringe is cut off. Manka is squeezed on the hook.

Which fish is caught on the dough
red peppercorns;
The horse-riding is a horse.
The undercontrol;

How to hook the dough

Put the sting eras shut. The dough is squeezed out of the syringe and wrapped several times around the stinger and hook.

Properly made and planted dough is well held on the hook and can withstand several bite of fish.

Fishing sandwich (nozzle: dough and live bait)
Fishing sandwich (nozzle: dough and livebait)Very often a sandwich from several nozzles makes the bite more frequent.

You can add maggots and moths to the dough. The first is the larva, the second dough, closing the stinger.

An effective technique for catching a neat fish, in particular a large bream.

How and when it is better to catch on the dough
You can try to catch the dough at any time of the year, but it is best shown in the off-season on cold water, when the peaceful fish is on the shallows.

It is also noted that the carp in the summer prefers plant nozzles including dough.

When catching on a float, the place is fed, and the bait is thrown with a beam with bait. Fish can be on the bait spot, and at the edge, so you need to feed locally and look where more often peck.

With this technique of fishing, you will have to make reboots very often, about twice a minute.

To catch the dough is best to use a snap with several sinkers, which are distributed on the line.
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