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Best weather for fishing Fishing skills
Take the bait, spinning - and go fishing!” - the principle of fishing most people in our world. And only the real masters of rods and fishing line know that weather factors are important for a good catch.

Factors influencing the bite:
Atmospheric pressure;
The wind;
The current;
Water level, transparency;
The air temperature.

Each of these factors, one way or another, affects the behavior of the fish and plays an important role when you are already sitting on the shore of the pond with a rod and placing nearby fish gardens.


It is a well-known fact for every fisherman that it is much better to peck in the rain than in dry weather. Rain, especially after a long dry period, saturates water with oxygen, cools it, makes small insects active, and fish goes to a hearty meal. That’s when the bait of the fisherman becomes much tastier, more aromatic and desirable for the inhabitants of rivers and lakes. But the constant rain weather will not differ in any way on the activity of fish.

Atmospheric pressure

It is atmospheric pressure that has the greatest impact on the quality of fish and bite activity. Fish likes the stability of atmospheric pressure or its gradual, slow, demotion. The structure of the fish organism allows the inhabitants of reservoirs to react sensitively to any changes in atmospheric pressure.

Sharp swings negatively affect the activity of fish, it becomes difficult to stay on the water. Also, such jumps can cause a vestibular fish disorder, and it will begin to get lost in space.


All experienced fishermen know that if the sky is cloudy, the fish should be searched in shaded places, where it is possible to hide from the rays of the sun, warming the water. In a long period with cloudy weather, fish, on the contrary, will be in search of the first in a long time of sunlight.


The southern warm wind is most useful for fishing, with low air temperature, which has cooled the water in recent days. This wind forces the inhabitants of reservoirs to behave more actively. It is also ideal when the wind creates ripples on the surface of the water, making the fish more relaxed, giving a sense of safety.

The current

Rarely when the current can significantly affect the biting. Here, it all depends on the structure of the reservoir, and weather factors. The most influential will be the current created by the wind in standing ponds, when small fish feed will rise from the bottom, forcing it to behave more actively.

Water level, transparency

The more clear the water, the more cautious the fish is. In clear water, mining more often goes to depth. The ideal is considered a light cloudiness of water, which relaxes the fish, while allowing it to easily detect bait.

Air temperature

As a cold-blooded creature, fish prefer to eat in warm water, but not overheated (on hot, dry days). On hot days, fishing during daylight hours is unlikely to bring pleasure - fish will lie on the bottom, hiding from the scorching rays of the sun, and going hunting at night.

Coincidence of all factors in nature is almost impossible. Therefore, if the 2-3 above factors coincide- a good nibble is provided.
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