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treasure trove under a tree struck by lightning myth or reality
This article will not focus on any unambiguous scientific evidence of finding valuables in a given location. Let’s just try to look at this phenomenon from several points of view and draw conclusions. So let’s start.
There is a belief that under the tree in which the lightning struck, certainly must be a treasure trove of coins or some valuable thing. In general, the finding of hidden valuables under the trees is not surprising. A person, burying valuables, does it not to say goodbye to them (although this also happens), but to use them under more favorable conditions. In order to then find buried valuables, you need a treasure map (yes, as in pirates ), which usually few people are engaged in. And seriously, it is usually used a landmark, which will not disappear with time. Anything can serve as such a guide:

bend of the riverbed;
Turn the road or crossroads
stone, wood and more.
Some trees can stand for hundreds of years, so are excellent landmarks.

So, values are quite often found under trees. Many generally preferred to hide the treasure in the forest, because there are no witnesses. Trees, as you know, are an excellent target for lightning. Therefore, it can be assumed that the finds under the trees affected by lightning are just accidents. However, in such places people found values not once or twice, but many times. It turns out that this phenomenon can only be explained by chance with a great stretch; there is rather a pattern.

Rational explanation of the phenomenon

A plausible explanation of this phenomenon was given in one of the works. On its basis we can draw the following conclusion: “Metals (copper, silver, bronze, etc.), being in the ground, over time oxidize. At the same time, the soil gets the ions of these metals, which are carried by groundwater. Together with water ions through the root system of the tree are in the trunk, slightly improving its electrical conductivity. All other things being equal, the probability of lightning hitting this tree increases, which explains this phenomenon..
With a significant accumulation of metal and the absence of trees in this place, lightning can strike directly into the ground, thereby pointing out the places of treasures and significantly helping the diggers. Areas or trees, which were struck several times by lightning, deserve special attention, because according to the theory they are most likely to have accumulations of metal. In principle, this theory explains a lot and deserves the full right to exist.

Other explanations

It is difficult to find any other rational explanation for this phenomenon. For a long time people have explained this by the intervention of various supernatural forces. It is understandable: everything related to the treasures has always been covered with a certain halo of mysticism. And lightning today is not yet fully studied phenomenon. Therefore, even today, various semi-scientific and mystical explanations of this phenomenon find their supporters.

So we’ve identified three main explanations for this phenomenon:

increased electrical conductivity of the tree due to the presence of metal ions in it;
intervention by otherworldly forces.
The second theory looks the most plausible, although it has not been tested in practice (as far as it is known). In any case, the fact remains that lightning in many cases helped diggers find old treasures that would probably never have been found without its help.
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