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Buying the first device novice digger faces the difficulty of choosing. The market of metal detectors is not to say that it is very diverse, but in each price segment there are always several models. Therefore, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question “which metal detector to buy a beginner.” Here you need to take into account the amount that a person is willing to spend on the device, the supposed search sites (the tract, the beach), the presence of at least minimal experience, etc.

Is it possible not to buy a metal detector for a beginner?

Yes, we can. The fact that the main task of the first device - to make it clear to the person, to his liking is a hobby or not. Often it takes one or more days to do this. In the first month of regular trips to the cop, the person will definitely conclude whether he should continue to engage in treasure-hunting or it is not his element. To do this, you do not have to buy the device.

The obvious solution: a joint cop with friends and acquaintances who have already joined this case, or renting a metal detector. The search is not yet as common as, for example, fishing or hunting, so the probability that your friend will be a metal detector is small. But in many cities you can find an ad for the rental of the device. Renting a metal detector will allow you to understand for a relatively small amount whether this hobby is right for you or not.

If you are determined to do metal search even without experience and are sure that this occupation will be to your liking, then it is worth thinking about buying the device.

What metal detector to buy a beginner?

In short: simple, high-quality, inexpensive. The devices of a little-known manufacturer, especially Chinese, I don’t recommend considering it. Judging by the feedback of the owners of these devices, they are characterized by poor quality, instability in work, mediocre discrimination and depth of search. At the same time can be positioned as professional devices with advanced functionality.
It is better to take a simple entry-level device, but a well-known brand, such as Garrett or Minelab. For less than 500. You can buy devices such as Garrett ACE150 or its updated version of Garrett ACE200i, recently appeared Minelab GO-FIND 20, 40, 60, Teknetics Eurotek and others. Such devices are better to buy from official dealers; only in this case you can be sure of the quality of the product, which the self-respecting seller will always give a guarantee of at least a year. If there are no stores in your city specializing in the sale of metal detectors, or the prices in them are noticeably higher than on the Internet, the purchase can be made in the online store.

Garrett ACE150 Box (back)

As an option, you can consider buying a used metal detector. But there is a risk to contact an unscrupulous seller, who can slip the damaged device, which you can not immediately notice. Only if you are confident in the seller and the quality of the metal detector offered to them, then such a purchase will be justified. Buying a used device can save up to half of its original cost. And if the previous owner treated him carefully, the second-hand metal detector will almost nothing to yield to the new.

A reliable low-cost metal detector, despite the reduced capabilities, allows you to successfully find valuables. But if you are confident in your abilities, have little experience and are willing to spend a considerable amount on your hobby, it is worth taking a closer look at the devices of higher class. Even if you eventually lose interest in this hobby, the device can always be sold without particularly losing on the difference in price. And the most important thing to remember: looking not for a device, but for a person. A more experienced digger in an interesting little-known place, even with the simplest device, will always find more than an inexperienced person on a knocked out tract, albeit with a professional expensive metal detector.
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