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Interesting information about treasure hunters
Where the treasures were hidden and how coins were lost
In this article I propose to reflect on the origin of the finds of treasure hunters, whether treasures or individual coins and other valuables. How do they appear in the earth, who, why and why hide them or lose them? Where are valuable items likely to be located? Let’s take a look at these issues.
Diggers often refer to individual coins as “lost” coins, reflecting their origin. Indeed, people at all times lost their things, be it coins, crosses, rings and other items and decorations. Such finds are always present in places where people were present. In some places, people lost coins and personal belongings more often than in others. For example:

Territory near housing and directly housing and house-building;
various fairs and places of mass festivities;
Entry to the city;
parking lots, etc.
In such places, the chances of finding individual coins are quite high.

People were losing their things for different reasons. Someone dropped the coin for sloppyness, another during the festivities, the third intentionally got rid of the thing. In the old days, people often threw a coin in the field, believing that it will bring a large harvest. Therefore, coins can be found wherever a person was once present.

As for intentionally hidden valuables, often quite large, then everything is more interesting. People hid treasures in different places and for different reasons. It could be a kind of storage with the ability to put and withdraw money at any time. A kind of analogue of a modern bank card. Such repositories were found everywhere, where there lived at least a few wealthy people. Often they were a cube buried directly inside the house, usually in a corner. Even family members, let alone neighbors, sometimes did not know about its existence. And with the owner of the cup could happen anything, so such finds today are not so rare.

Another thing - real treasures, deliberately buried for one reason or another. Usually people resort to this in unfavorable conditions, when there is a risk of robbery, seizure of property, attacks, etc. In such situations, people hid a significant part of their savings in order to take advantage of them later, as the hard times will pass. But to use or it was not always possible for various reasons: death, forced relocation with the inability to return, etc. And these finds can lie in the ground for centuries, waiting for their time.
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If time was enough, then the creation of the treasure was approached thoroughly. For storage, the right container, usually the same cube, metal pot, etc. Chests, which are usually associated with treasures, were used less often. As for the place where the treasure will be buried, it was often inconspicuous, away from prying eyes, with some landmark: a detached tree, a large boulder, a high elevation, a turn of the road, etc. far from housing, although there are exceptions. For example, robbers, who often lived near the roads, could hide looted valuables anywhere, but usually not far from the road or the place of their permanent presence, if there was one.

Often people bury treasures in the immediate vicinity of their homes, for example in the garden or on the territory of outbuildings. In this case, the place was usually inconspicuous to outsiders, or disguised. For example, the treasure could have been hidden during the construction of, say, a new shed. A man simply digs a hole under a pillar, secretly hides his savings in it, and then installs a pole on this place without arousing anyone’s suspicions.

Contrary to popular belief, treasures were rarely buried at great depths. It just wasn’t necessary, plus it was time and effort. Usually the depth was no more than a meter. The exception here are the values, in a hurry dumped in a well, when there was no time or opportunity to hide them thoroughly. Here the depth is measured by meters and without the appropriate device can not do. Sometimes the valuables hidden in this way can be detected by a search magnet if the well is not destroyed, but this is a separate topic of discussion.

Both “lost” and larger finds were overwhelmingly found in places where people lived, worked or moved. Going to a particular place it is important to find as much information about it as possible, to study the history of the region. This will give you a clearer idea of what can be hidden or lost.
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