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Who hasn’t dreamed of finding the treasure? Even people who have never held a metal detector, at least once thought about how their lives would change if they found a chest of gold, silver or jewelry. However, they find treasures very rarely, and even then units. When it comes to targeted search, it requires a lot of experience, a lot of work on the study of the area and documentation and, of course, luck. Values are sometimes found by chance, for example, digging potatoes in his garden or while clearing the place for construction. But is there always a carefree and well-to-do life waiting for the treasure? Let’s try to figure it out.
The legal side of the issue
According to the law, the found valuables are divided equally between the owner of the land and the treasure hunter, although the shares can be negotiated in advance. If the treasure hunter acted without the knowledge of the owner of the site, all the found valuables are transferred to the latter. If the treasure is of historical value, which happens in most cases, it is transferred to the state. At the same time, the finder is paid half of the value of the find. In general, everything is good in words, but what is the situation in reality?

The real side of the issue
The vast majority of treasure hunters choose places where to look for treasures, not taking into account who owns the plot. Even if any valuables are found, who will want to bother searching for the owner and equally share the find. Therefore, all the finds treasure hunter leaves to himself. If, say, a weighty gold treasure or especially valuable relics is found, then, according to the law, they must be handed over to the state. However, to inform about the discovery of the owner of the land or the authorities is not always the most reasonable idea.

The Internet is full of examples when the “lucky ones” who donated the treasure to the state, and did not receive the legal cost. Of course, if a particularly valuable treasure was found, which attracted the attention of journalists and the public, the finder is likely to be paid his share. But in most cases, it is naive and sometimes even foolish to expect to receive the reward.

Why is this happening?
The amount of remuneration can sometimes be in the tens and hundreds of thousands, or even dollars. And this money is likely to go to some official in his pocket, rather than the person who found the treasure. Alas, there is no escape from the corruption of the executive branch. And the usual treasure hunter in such conditions is powerless. If a person begins to fight for his rights, then he, at best, may be frightened by some article about the destruction of archaeological sites or the like.
In Europe and America, treasure-hunting is encouraged in every way. Yes, for not reporting the found treasure there, as we have, may face criminal liability, but when handing over the find to the state there the payment is immediately paid. In our country, few people will report on the found values, and will do the right thing, so all valuable finds go to the black market and private collections. Having reported the treasure, you can not only lose all valuables without receiving any compensation, but also get charged under some absurd article (violation of the cultural layer or something like that). Therefore, it is not the most reasonable idea to tell someone about the found values.

What to do with the found treasure?
If you still decide to hand over the treasure to the state, it is better to say that you found it, and by accident, not somewhere, but on your land. In this case, according to the law, the find is entirely up to you. To do this, it is important not to “burn” when you dig up the find and take it to his home. And if the laws work in your area, you may get half the cost of the find.

If you decide not to report the find to anyone, you run the risk of being subject to administrative and even criminal liability. What to do? It’s very simple - again, do not “burn.” It is better not to tell about the find to anyone, even those whom you fully trust. It is better to sell valuables in small batches at verified online auctions, where you can also find out their value, comparing them with similar lots. It is also advisable to come up with a plausible story about their origin.

So what to do with other values that you’re not going to sell yet? Let’s start with the fact that no one should know about them at all, except you, of course. Leaving them in the place where they were found is risky; It would be a shame if someone else found them. At home to store them is also not desirable, whether a search or something else. It is best to hide them securely, and so that even those who know about their existence could not guess where they are.

Where to hide the treasure?
Yes anywhere, but in my opinion, it is best in the forest, and away from settlements, including non-residential, tracts and any notable places. GPS coordinates of the treasure should not be stored in the phone in the open, it is best to remember them. And of course, the place of storage of valuables should not stand out in the background of the environment, and get there better secretly and under the guise of a mushroom picker or a fisherman.

The found treasure does not always bring joy and well-being to its owner. A valuable find due to the greed of officials can turn into big problems for the treasure hunter. Hiding the find from the state can also be a big nuisance, so you should think carefully about all the options before making a final decision. And, if you act competently and prudently, the risk of troubles is reduced to almost zero.
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