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Minelab Equinox 800 brief overview and first impression
I salute everyone! So I got a brand new metal detector Equinox 800 from the Australian firm Minelab, which produces search equipment. And even had time to go with him to the first cop. But everything is in order. Let’s start with a little review of the device.

The backstory is this. The graters were not enough for me, and it was out of date. It does not have the speed and speed that is necessary in today’s tough conditions of dislodged places. The 705 grater is a good device, but it is possible to dig with it only on less clean places. But in the trash he is very blind and makes sounds “boo”, signaling the ubiquitous ink.
But among this black metal debris there are coins that need to be ceded to another tool that has a higher recovery rate and excellent separation. Now there are two popular models on the market that have such qualities. These are XP Deus and Minelab Equinox. Since I don’t like the French device either in appearance, voice acting or the need for constant customization, I settled on the second option. It’s also waterproof. According to the manufacturer, it is possible to dive up to three meters. And he’s a multifrequency.

And so, I have it in my hands. Sitting on the sofa with a warm plaid, I spread out my purchase. The box of the device has an impressive size. This is due to the rich set-up. On all sides of the package there are colorful drawings with signatures, reflecting the functions, capabilities and advantages of the metal detector.

Opening the box, the lucky man who bought the device appears quite a good look, who says: “Boy, this evening you have a lesson.” This activity is to inspect the “buns” from the kit, assembling the device and testing. In addition to the metal detector itself, laid out on the block, rods, armrest and coil, in cardboard form are two more boxes and some documentation.

I’m starting to pull it out. Coil. The eleven-inch sensor weighs quite a bit, despite the fact that there is a lot of electronics inside it. Judging by the X-rays published in the network, a board with chips is installed inside the Equinox coil. In general, the view of the katuha is pretty and modern.

I would like to pay attention to the plug. It’s smaller than the grater. And on the back of the metal detector, the connector has a much thinner pin than the good old X-Terra. It is worth watching carefully as you connect the coil, otherwise easily damage the gentle contacts.
I open the first box. Inside it lie: a wireless unit to connect the headphones WM 08, a set of protective films for the screen metal detector with hints in different languages. I put it right away.

Also inside were two cords with magnetic connectors to charge the metal detector and wireless unit.

In the next box is a black hard case.
Open it, and there’s wireless ML 80 headphones running via Bluetooth. Not simple, but with aptX Low Latency technology to reduce latency. Looking ahead I will say that these headphones are perfectly connected with the smartphone. They can be used to answer incoming calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. I do not know how to Android, but the iPhone shows still the charge of the built-in battery.

In a small mesh pocket someone’s caring hands put two cords: AUX and Micro USB to charge the accessory. The two 3.5mm jacks can be used when the built-in battery in the ML 80 sits down.

Among the papers were two small brochures with a brief description of settings for a quick start, a sheet with a list of trims and information about the battery and chargers, and that’s it. No, I forgot about the warranty ticket. That’s it now. In my opinion, it was necessary to put a full instruction, and not to give a link to it on the Internet. Still, not everyone has it, and this metal detector is not a caska. It is still worth reading about its settings and functionality.

So we got to the control block, rods and armrest. It is almost all disassembled into components. The armrest had to be assembled from three parts.

The view of the device is slightly similar to the CTX 3030. The colors are about the same, the buttons are membrane. Only the shape of the block is different, less massive. And here, in addition to the buttons on the front side, there are controls and on the side faces of the case.

On the back is a speaker, a coil socket, a stub-closed entrance for wired headphones and a magnetic socket to charge the battery of a metal detector. It’s lithium-ion here and it’s in the pen. I think that in cold weather he will be warmer by hand.

Also, in order not to get dirty the block, and in order for it to keep its original appearance longer, I bought a case. In the future I plan to take a full-fledged cover covering the handle and barbell. On autumn and spring cops metal detector from coil and to armrest becomes dirty.

I noticed that there are places in the box for some unknown items. Perhaps in the future will be released another older version of equinox, with additional interestingness in the kit. For example, this landing place catches the eye.

Why is this round recess made?

The design of the metal detector is made on a straight bar with a protruding handle. This allows you to add compactness. But the reverse side of the medal is the wrong weighting of the device. The reel pulls on itself. But after the first cop hand gets used and do not pay any attention to it. Especially if you used to go with a heavy machine.

As for the software part. The metal detector menu is quite simple and intuitive. It is worth reading the instructions once and already remember all the pictograms and on the go you remember what settings what to mean. Especially if you’ve worked with Minelab devices before.

The voice overis is like a grater. But what I didn’t like is the tones here are only 50 vs 99 on the X-Terra. And the VDI numbers have been down. I don’t want to talk about the settings much, but let me tell you about the setting that brings the Australian closer to the deus - it’s a speed adjustment that has 8 steps. In the conditions of the apartment I tested the “broom”, as it is called diggers, with a grater on the scales between two nails. The new device perfectly caught the silver dopetrovcoin, well, the old grater punctured the black.

The beauty of autumn nature

I’ve already gone to the cop with Equinox. As a place i chose a plowed street of an old village. As the rains passed, I hoped to walk on the stubble, but the soil was covered and it was uncomfortable to walk, as the ground was poured on shoes and a shovel.

The first thing that surprised me was the large number of signals. I used to go here with a grater, but I almost didn’t sit a shovel in the ground. He walked and listened to the precipices of the threshold tone or the deaf echo of the iron signals. And this snag was catching up with such a little thing!

Barely going through my legs, I moved slowly on the field and yet soon dug up the first coin of this metal detector - the money of 1751 in the preserve! Even the eagle can see the feathers!

Changed the place and came to the plowed gardens, which have not yet had time to process. On the hard surface it was comfortable to walk and at the same time tested the device for stability. He didn’t know about the stubble. At first, the metal detector “swore” at the power line, but the deposition from interference solved the problem.

Here I dug an incomprehensible thing from the depths of a little more than a shovel bayonet. At first I thought it was a sign, but there are no identification drawings on the find.

Brightened. The rays of the setting sun lit up the field.
Then it got dark quickly. For the sake of interest, I turned on the lights. It is three-tiered here: bright, medium and quite small. Signals and settings are clearly visible on a large display, but the targets that Equinox clung to, I have not seen. So I decided to curl up and go home.

Here’s a small overview and first experience with a new metal detector. As for me, I changed the grater for a reason. The new device is more sensitive, as evidenced by more clear copsignals.
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